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Dental implants are a perfect solution for anyone who's missing a single tooth or a whole mouthful. Get all the information you need about implants today.

Dental implants are the perfect substitutes for natural teeth that last a lifetime

Replacing missing teeth is an urgent need, and dentists are now using advanced techniques to replace missing teeth by using dental implants, which is fast gaining popularity. To get back that beautiful smile that disappeared because of losing some teeth, Allure Dental Implants in Lafayette are reassuring patients with a much advanced and better treatment over choosing bridges and dentures to fill the gaps in the mouth. Leaving gaps in the mouth due to missing teeth is not acceptable because everyone wants to regain the natural looks and the lost smile as soon as possible. Although bridges and dentures are permanent solutions for replacing missing teeth, and the technique has worked well for many years, dentists are now relying more on dental implants, the best alternative to natural and healthy teeth. Dental implants are as good as natural teeth in their looks and function.

Dental implants are not the tooth

Although dental implants generally refer to the process of teeth replacement, the implants are not complete teeth but only the tooth root on which the dentist affixes an artificial tooth so that the unit resembles an entire tooth, looks natural, and functions in the same way as the original tooth. However, dental implants might not solve the problem of missing teeth in call cases because whether the implant would work adequately depends on the location in the gum where the implant sits. The area must have enough bone and strength to hold the dental implant in place. The dentist can evaluate the chances of using dental implants by inspecting the patient and considering the health implications.

Are you fit for dental implants?

If a dentist feels that someone is fit for a routine dental extraction or some oral surgery, usually such people are good candidates for dental implants. Gums must be strong and healthy, with enough bone to hold the implant firmly as the dentist screws it down in the gum. After placing the implant, the dentist recommends that patients follow a high standard of oral hygiene and periodically visit the dentist for checkups. As dental implants are highly customized, assessing the patient’s condition is crucial to understand how suitable the implant would be for the patient.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants look like a small post explicitly created for the patient’s socket size where the implant would sit. Titanium is the chosen metal for dental implants that have a screwed base. To place the implant in the gum, the dentist performs a minor surgical procedure to fix the implant in the gap created by the missing tooth. During recovery, as the jawbone heals, the muscles and tissues in the gum start growing around the metal insert, thereby firmly holding it in place. The healing time can be between 6 and 12 weeks.

Once the dental implant fuses entirely into the jawbone, the dentist fixes a small abutment or connector to the post that provides the foundation for placing the teeth on the implant and holds it firmly in place. The dentist makes the new tooth and fixes it for the implant. Finally, a crown placed on the teeth marks the completion of the process.

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