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Your Comprehensive Guide To Gain Weight The Right Way!

Your Comprehensive Guide To Gain Weight The Right Way!

Is putting on weight on your priority list? Or are you fed up with people advising you to eat more or hit the gym harder? If your answer to these questions is a yes, do not worry anymore, as you are not alone. Numerous people struggle to put on weight. However, they lack the proper guidance and, as a result, fail to do so. EAA powder could help!

Gaining weight is as challenging as losing it. But, by following the right path, you can put on the desired pounds. You might hear people around you advising you to eat more and not exercise. But it is not a healthy way to gain weight. You may even ask “do testosterone supplements work“?

If you are struggling to gain weight and wish for a path that gives fast results and is healthy, this post is a must-read for you. It will share some of the most effective tips for gaining weight quickly and healthily. 

Why do you need to gain weight?

Looking skinny is not the only reason for people to gain pounds. Could mushroom complex work for you? Several other reasons might make an individual wish to put on some weight. Some of these most common reasons are listed below-


An individual is known to be underweight if their Body Mass Index is below the healthy range. To be precise, their BMI is below 18.5. Gaining weight becomes necessary for these individuals to maintain their overall well-being. The weakened immune system, nutrient deficiencies, and higher vulnerability to developing health issues like infertility and osteoporosis are some of the problems underweight individuals face. 

2.Athletic performance

Athletes who need to gain some power and strength for their sport might need some muscle mass to enhance their performance. 

3.Recovering from an injury or illness

To support recovery and healing of an injury or illness, one might need to gain some weight as they require extra calories and nutrients. 

If any of the above cases describe your situation or you have any other reason to put on some weight, continue reading the next section that will share some tips to follow to gain weight in a healthy way and quickly. 

What to do to gain weight healthily and quickly?

Healthily gaining weight quickly requires you to intake a balanced diet and exercise regularly. In addition, one also needs to make specific changes to their lifestyle to promote weight gain. Follow the below-given tips to put on weight quickly and healthily.

1.Increase your calorie intake.

One of the first ways is to enhance your calorie intake. To be precise, you need to consume more calories than you burn. You must include healthy calorie-rich food options in your daily diet. If having food items is not practical for you, you can start consuming weight gain supplements regularly that are rich in calories. 

2.Consume protein-rich foods

Foods like dairy, meat, fish, eggs, tofu, lentils, and beans are protein-rich and can significantly help you gain weight. When you consume these food items, your body breaks protein into amino acids that repair and build muscle fibers. As a result, your muscle mass will increase and will help you gain weight without increasing body fat. 

3.Intake healthy fats

Unfortunately, fats are always thought to have a harmful impact on health. However, unlike unhealthy fats in processed food, eating healthy fats is essential for your body. Additionally, it is crucial for people who wish to gain weight as they increase their calorie intake, leading to healthy weight gain. Foods that provide healthy fats are seeds, nuts, olive oil, and avocado. 

4.Eat more frequently

Eating frequently throughout the day promotes healthy and quick weight gain in numerous ways. Consuming frequent meals prevents you from feeling fullness or discomfort from eating large meals and allows you to intake more calories. It also helps maintain a consistent nutrient and energy supply to the body, leading to a healthy metabolism. 

5.Lift weights

Resistance training or lifting weights is another excellent tip to gain a healthy weight without increasing body fat. It increases muscle mass by placing stress on the muscles, resulting in stronger muscles over time. Resistance training also boosts metabolism by increasing your basal metabolic rate. Regular weight lifting improves overall health and enhances appetite, making it easier to consume enough calories to promote quick and healthy weight gain.

6.Pay attention to enough sleeping hours.

By prioritizing enough sleep per night, you can ensure a healthy hormone balance, overall well-being, and muscle growth. Hence, you must get seven to eight hours of sleep every night to promote healthy and quick weight gain. 

We hope you know what you must do to gain weight healthily and quickly. So, move to the next section of this post that will introduce you to some things you must avoid on your weight gain journey. 

What not to do to gain weight healthily and quickly?

You must not blindly follow any advice as it might mislead you and negatively impact your health. Hence, when gaining weight, avoid the below-given things to make your weight gain journey healthy, quick, and effective. 

1.Junk food

Junk food is definitely delicious but not healthy. These foods are high in calories but low in nutrients. Instead of helping you, junk food can have a negative impact on your health and result in other health issues. 

2.Sugary drinks

Gulping down sugary drinks like soda, juice, and energy drinks is not a healthy way to gain weight. These drinks will quench your thirst but contain high amounts of artificial colors and sugar that must be strictly avoided. 

3.Skipping meals

When you want to gain weight, skipping your meals and going into starvation mode is not a good option. Skipping meals will slow your metabolism and make it difficult to gain weight. 

4.Processed food

Another thing to avoid while on a weight gain journey is processed food items. These foods are high in calories but rich in sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats. 

Final thoughts

Putting on weight healthily and quickly requires an individual to follow a holistic approach that combines lifestyle and dietary changes. Remember to include nutrient-dense foods in your daily diet and exercise in your routine. In addition to the above-listed ways, you can use some other delicious and nutritious food options, such as Muscleblaze peanut butter, to gain weight quickly yet healthily. 

To get premium quality food items and the best tips on lifestyle changes from qualified health experts for your weight gain journey, visit platforms like Wellcurve and put on those much-desired pounds. 


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