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Latest News on Fitness and Insights: Tobias Oyeyinka aka TK

According to a National Industry Insights Report, there were 61,200 individuals employed in the Sports and Physical Recreation Activities industry in 2020. Fitness Instructors make up just over 9% of the Sport and Recreation Activities industry workforce and Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials make up roughly 16% of the workforce.

One of the professionals in the Sports and Physical Recreation Activities industry is Tobias Oyeyinka, a Fitness Coach and Bodybuilder. Tobias also has his own fitness company and fitness app. The muscle-man has used his passion for fitness and people to launch himself into the position of one of the leading fitness professionals in Australia. 

Maintaining motivation during the pandemic

Like most people across the globe, the pandemic, and being forced to isolate, has brought on feelings of depression and a lack of motivation. Tobias said that these feelings can’t be shaken off, and that people need to form a plan to get themselves back on track and motivated. 

The Fitness Coach said he had to step back from lifting heavy weights, and decided to go on a walk everyday whilst listening to his favourite podcasts. By doing this small exercise, the body releases dopamine which triggers happy and positive thoughts related to exercising, which he said had prepared his body and mind to continue onto bigger exercises. 

Times of stress also cause stress eating, and cravings for comfort foods. According to Tobias, a way he combatted this was by allowing himself his favourite foods, which are not a part of his usual healthy diet, but only on weekends. By eating clean and healthy during the week, the cheat days on weekends can be seen as a reward and as motivation during the week. 

The pandemic also destroyed all structure in our professional, personal and fitness life. To regain a sense of structure, Tobias recommends forming a routine for the day. Whether it be a few push ups before the morning shower, or taking a walk during every break, having a set list of tasks and duties throughout the day brings back a sense of structure and motivation

Fitness trends

Tobias currently enjoys Animal Flow exercises. Animal Flow is a type of workout which links physical postures in a fluid sequence and helps increase kinaesthetic awareness. Animal Flow exercises look similar to yoga asanas, but the movements are more primal and more athletic. The name comes from the movements imitating the locomotive patterns of animals. 

The exercise also uses terms such as “travelling ape”, “crocodile rolls” and “scorpion rolls”. Tobias enjoys home workouts, and Animal Flow is a workout that can easily be done at home. Home workouts have become a staple for all individuals who are fitness-orientated due to the pandemic. 

According to Tobias, the pandemic has created opportunities for individuals to become creative regarding home workouts, and his app offers exercises to make this creative process easier. 

Rookie mistakes at the gym

According to Tobias, lifting with ego is the biggest mistake to make. By doing this, gym-goers will be causing unnecessary muscles to pitch in when the targeted muscle is not able to handle the stress load. Lifting heavy without proper technique will only cause injuries. 

Another mistake people make is expecting the gym to be a “magician shrine” according to Tobias. When starting to gym, people need to set fitness goals and need to form a realistic timeline to achieve them. 

If people are new to the gym and expected to see results after a few sessions, they are being unrealistic. Tobias says that the “gym is a place you craft, plant your seed, water and wait for it to grow. And you do this because you love your body not because you hate your body’

Who is Tobias Oyeyinka?

Tobias Oyeyinka is a 31 year old Bodybuilder, and qualified Fitness, Nutritional and Celebrity Coach, who was born in Lagos. Tobias, who is affectionately known personally and on social media as Tobias Oyeyinka aka TK, is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Tobias is also a qualified Strength and Anatomy Trainer.. 

Although Tobias has been training since he was 17 years old, he was not always fully invested in fitness. Tobias is an HR manager and has successfully obtained a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma of Human Resources Management, and Certificate IV in Frontline Management. Tobias has also successfully obtained a Master of Fitness and a Certificate in Strength and Anatomy.

The Fitness Coach had only fully pursued fitness after his first bodybuilding competition. In 2017, Tobias competed in the NABBA and WFF bodybuilding competition, and placed first in his division. The rigorous preparation for the competition allowed Tobias to learn about his body and the human body in general. 

Tobias also has his own company, named ODM-FIT, and a fitness app. ODM, which stands for ‘On The Move’, brings fitness to the ever-busy corporate workplace and offers corporate fitness classes as well as yoga classes before, during or after working hours . 

The program ends off sessions offering a recovery smoothie for the employees so that they are energized and ready for work. Tobias has based this program on studies which have proven that training during work breaks has led increases in productivity, it boosts employees’ sense of wellbeing and boosts morale in the workplace and their personal life. His fitness app is user-friendly and offers over 2,000 different exercises. 

The app also is customizable where it allows users to create their own workout routine, and it allows users to request a customized fitness program, suited to their body type and goals, curated by Tobias.


The takeaway

Tobias’s passion for fitness and people have created a strong brand and self-awareness. This shows in his personal life, professional life, and in his accomplishments so far. For individuals interested in starting their fitness journey, or those interested in improving their current fitness journey, Tobias’s insight given on fitness news and trends will prove to be extremely helpful. 

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