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Jacey Hinton on Journalism, Modeling and Athleticism

Many people choose the career path that they do because it is something that they feel passionate about. In relation to this, an academic article has noted that, “Journalists identify with a medium because it aligns with their interests and talents, and they may resist tasks incongruent with their perceived creative strengths.” According to Holland’s theory of vocational choice, occupational conflict tends to arise when an individual’s personality does not align with the expected work tasks and obligations of a role. To this end, the academics conducted a quantitative survey of aspiring print and broadcast journalists to better understand the extent to which they differ in personality. 

The results of this research indicated that broadcast journalism students tended to perceive themselves as more extreme on several personality measures which included extraversion, conscientiousness and certain life values. Additionally, students of broadcast journalism were more likely to have chosen broadcast journalism because of social prestige, reporting, sports and photography. In contrast to this, print journalism students were more likely to choose writing as the primary motivator behind their career choice. Jacey Hinton is a swimmer, model and aspiring broadcast journalist who has chosen the field because she has a natural ability to connect with others. 

Hinton on Journalism 

Hinton has chosen to study broadcast journalism because of her innate ability to connect with others. While at school, she did not connect with any one subject and rather found connection and meaning in her swimming. Now as a university student she is able to choose her course with a far greater degree of freedom. This has allowed her to hone in on her strength of                                                                                                 interpersonal communication and learn how to translate these skills through a new medium. Additionally her experience as a model and an athlete have prepared her for the limelight and have given her an advantage when it comes to presenting herself in front of others. The stress and time management required in these professions have also set her in good stead for her work in broadcast journalism. 

Hinton on Modeling

Hinton began modeling as a child in Houston, Texas where she was and raised. She moved to Houston from Austin when she was three. She found success early on in this career and was featured in multiple national commercial campaigns for famous brands like Academy Sports and JCPenny. During this time she was working with the agency Page Parkes. In her teenage years her and her family moved to Boston, Massachusetts where she would sign on with Maggie Agency. It was through this agency connection that she was able to feature in an international advertising campaign for an athletic brand. Hinton has enjoyed her time modeling although she has noted that once she moved to Boston, the industry was not as active as it was in Texas. However, she persevered and hopes to continue modeling in the future. At present her modeling career is taking a backseat to her ambitions in swimming. 

Hinton on Athleticism 

Hinton has been athletic all of her life and began swimming competitively at the age of six. At age nine she saved her brother from drowning and this would inspire her to later become an advocate for water safety. She would also go on to provide swimming lessons to underserved communities. Hinton tried her hand at many sports but swimming was the one at which she felt most comfortable. She also has a natural inclination for the outdoors and the water which suit the sport perfectly. Hinton has achieved many milestones as an athlete including becoming the state champion for swimming and breaking several records in the process. She has also been named the USA Today Athlete of the Year for Swimming for Massachusetts.  

Final Thoughts 

Jacey Hinton is a multifaceted and talented athlete who has explored and is exploring different and compelling career paths. She began both swimming and modeling at an early age and has consistently achieved in these fields through a combination of hard work and natural ability. Hinton is now actively studying towards becoming a broadcast journalist at the University of Miami where she is also on the swimming team. These many responsibilities have forced her to place her modeling career on the backburner for the present so that she can maximize her time in the pool. She also finds that her new brand partnerships and NIL deals offer more flexibility with her rigorous schedule.

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