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Fissure Surgery by Laser – Benefits, Side Effects, Recovery


Anal fissures can become excruciating and disrupt an individual’s daily activities. The goal of fissure surgery is to eliminate suffering by ensuring quick and complete healing. Fissure surgery by laser has multiple benefits over traditional surgical methods.

This article sheds light on the importance of fissure surgery and its costs, advantages, and other essentials. Stay hooked to know more!

What is Laser Fissure Surgery?

Dealing with a persistent anal fissure that hasn’t responded to other treatments can be concerning, especially if the symptoms have worsened. A doctor may advise a laser fissure surgery in such cases.

A laser fissure surgery uses a laser beam that is targeted to destroy the fissure. The procedure is also called laser fissurectomy or laser sphincterotomy. An anal fissure is a tear-like opening in the anus or around it due to an injury or trauma.

The laser procedure of fissurectomy may prove to be beneficial over the conventional methods of fissure removal. The same procedure may also treat other conditions such as piles, anal fistula and pilonidal sinus.

Laser Fissure Surgery Procedure

Before beginning the procedure, local or general anesthesia will be administered to reduce the pain or discomfort that can occur during the procedure. Once the anesthesia shows its effect, the surgeon targets the laser into the anal opening.

Using the laser beam, an incision is made, allowing the sphincter muscles to relax. The fissure scar is corrected along with the fissure removal during the procedure. The patient is sent to the recovery room to observe for a few hours after the surgery.

Benefits of Laser Fissure Surgery

If you are thinking about fissure surgical treatment using a laser, it’s crucial to apprehend the advantages of this new surgical approach. With its achievement rate and simplicity of technique, fissure surgery gives a quick and efficient way to deal with anal fissures.

  1. Minimally Invasive: Laser fissure surgeries are minimally invasive procedures that allow patients to return home on the same day.
  2. Time-Saving – Laser fissure surgery is a time-saving procedure due to the short duration of surgery and quick recovery time.
  3. Increased Blood Supply and Decreased Pain: Fissure surgery has the added advantage of increased blood delivery to the affected vicinity, promoting quicker restoration.
    This helps relieve pain and soreness associated with anal fissures, allowing for a more excellent cushty recovery procedure. 
  4. Highly Effective Treatment: Laser treatment for fissure treatment proves to be incredibly powerful in resolving all clinical signs by focusing on the affected place.
  5. Minimal Risks and Side Effects: The precise nature of the procedure reduces the likelihood of complications, ensuring a safe and successful treatment experience.
  6. Painless Procedure and High Patient Satisfaction: One of the notable benefits of fissure surgery is that the technique is relatively painless.

Recovery After a Laser Fissure Surgery

After the fissure surgery, the doctor may prescribe pain management medication. You can expect the following after surgery:

  1. Pain while passing stool can be managed with the help of stool softeners or laxatives.
  2. Consumption of plenty of liquids and high-fiber foods.
  3. Pat dry the place of surgery with a towel carefully after each bath.
  4. The fissure may require two or three weeks to heal completely.

You will have to constantly look carefully for the following signs and symptoms and seek medical attention if they occur:

  1. Fever
  2. Chills
  3. Persistent pain
  4. Dizziness and fainting
  5. Bloody stools or blood clots
  6. Inability to urinate
  7. Abnormal discharge from the rectum

Side Effects of Laser Surgery

Compared to conventional surgeries for anal conditions, laser fissure surgeries are less complicated and have minimal risks. These include:

  1. Swelling in the treated area
  2. Pain
  3. Difficulty in passing bowel after the surgery 
  4. Bruising

Laser Fissure Surgery Cost

The fissure surgery cost will vary from one hospital to another. Other factors influencing the total expenditure of fissure surgery are the location, the choice of hospital, the team of doctors, and other preferences. In most cases, this 15 to 30 mins long surgery costs between INR 30,000 to INR 1,40,000.


Anal fissures may become concerning if not treated in time. A laser fissure surgery may be the solution for chronic anal fissures characterized by severe discomfort and bleeding. When non-surgical treatments fail to provide relief, anal fissure surgery becomes an option.

Before opting for a normal or laser fissure surgery, discussing with your doctor the side effects and benefits, fissure surgery cost, etc. is essential. We at HexaHealth are available round the clock to not just help you understand a condition but also suggest the right team of hospitals and doctors for the same. To discover more, connect with us today.

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