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“The World’s First Under-Wearable”: FirmTech’s Plan to Enhance Men’s’ Sexual and Overall Health

Bozeman, MT – This Men’s Health Month, the FirmTech team seeks to enrich male fitness, even in their most sensitive organ. Erectile dysfunction (ED) impacts 20% of younger men, and 50% of all men by age 50 – with the numbers increasing by 10% every decade after. With this company’s revolutionary TechRing, men will be able to monitor the “vital signs” of their erectile health: the number of nocturnal erections, the duration of erections, and firmness. These data points are critical to measure as ED is often a symptom of underlying, serious health concerns like hypertension, diabetes, cardiac issues or stress. In fact, most men who experienced a heart attack had reported ED signs in the years prior to their cardiac episode.

At FirmTech, Dr. Elliot Justin is on a mission to revolutionize evaluation and treatment options for ED and to improve sexual performance for all men. With the Tech Ring, Dr. Justin’s team of urologists and bio-engineers bring a never-before-seen level of informative quantification to male sexual function – creating a tool that can enhance pleasure and generate real-time tracking of erectile fitness and function with sensor technology. This will help men to engage in their sexual health by better understanding its relationship to their overall health, assess the impact of medications, drugs and alcohol upon their erectile fitness. The TechRing includes an insert that contains pressure and strain gauges, Bluetooth capability, and 8 hours of battery life, per charge.

In addition, FirmTech’s erection ring feature a patented hook and loop design and a proprietary softness, making the device easy and discreet to put on and take off, decreasing the embarrassment and shame that often accompany the use of aids for ED and for performance. One user noted, “It’s a paradigm shift in terms of comfort” for erection rings.

Since FirmTech’s products can facilitate firmer erections, Dr. Justin wants men to see erection rings as sexual wellness aid or toy, rather than a crutch.  According to Amy Pearlman, MD, and Director of the Men’s Health Program at the University of Iowa, “Sex toys and tools can be game-changers in the bedroom…it’s time we normalize the use of these products to optimize performance and pleasure for men and women.  Sexual health IS health.”

By addressing men’s sexual health, the TechRing signals a fresh and important focus for wearable technology. It is designed to be used in a way similar to Fitbit or Apple Watch; delivering real-time metrics for erectile fitness. This data is sent by Bluetooth to FirmTech’s easy to use phone app.  As FirmTech builds a robust database, users of the TechRing will be able to compare their data to that of other men of similar age and medical conditions.

“I am confident that as our base of knowledge increases, we are going to learn very valuable information about the link between erectile performance with cardiovascular health, and the impacts of physical fitness, medications, alcohol, drugs, and supplements,” Dr. Justin says.

With groundbreaking technology inside a device that is easy and comfortable to wear, Dr. Justin is excited about how FirmTech will change men’s sexual health for the better. “In this age of wearables, this is the world’s first under-wearable. “I am confident that this is going to change the treatment of men who have erectile issues and help the majority of men who want to enjoy a long lifetime of lovemaking.

First came tech, then smart tech…and now FirmTech. Dr. Justin and his team of clinicians founded FirmTech to pioneer products for performance enhancement, ED, and sexual wellness.

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