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Now more than ever, people need to be reminded of how to properly express emotions. These emotional chat films might be able to help!

Can Chat Help You Easily Express Your Emotions? Four films that feature emotional chat sessions

A solid film typically has a skilled screenwriter. That person understands that the written word can be compelling. Sometimes it’s easier to express your emotions in writing than face-to-face. 

That’s how writers can communicate their feelings. Other individuals who have mental health issues can face challenges opening up. For example, people with social anxiety may struggle with open communication. It can take the pressure off when talking to people in a virtual setting. Chat is a way to communicate feelings, and it’s low pressure. You can have the time and space to work through your feelings before articulating them. 

People can express themselves in words in various environments. You can read more about how chat is beneficial to individuals in these articles on BetterHelp. There are examples of people chatting with one another in the arts that show us how powerful resin words can be.

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We can see examples of emotional vulnerability during chat sessions in films. Here are four examples of movies that feature people chatting with one another online and being their true selves.

express your emotions

You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail is one of the quintessential romantic comedies of our time. It was directed by Nora Ephron and based on a Hungarian play. The film shows how emotionally vulnerable people can be through the Internet. 

Two complete strangers who run rival bookstores don’t realize who the other is and fall in love. They can be themselves through internet chat. The film is set in 1998 and Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet in an AOL chat room. 

It’s fun to watch this film since it was written and directed when the Internet was becoming popular. Eventually, Ryan and Hanks realize their true identities. But because they have been emotionally vulnerable through chat, they are able to leave their rivalry behind and fall in love.

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Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is a quirky film with an eccentric cast of characters. Napoleon struggles to fit in in his school. He is a teenager trying to find his way and when his Uncle Rico shows up to follow his every move, he feels more self-conscious than ever. 

You might suspect that Napoleon, the main character, is the awkward teen looking for love here. But we see a true connection elsewhere. In Napoleon Dynamite, Napoleon’s awkward brother, Kip, finds love on the Internet. 

LaFawnduh Lucas and Kip meet online and form an intense connection. It’s difficult for Kip to meet women in “real life “but behind the screen he can be his true sensitive self. The film shows that anybody can find love if they try hard enough. LaFawnduh and Kip end up getting married. But, it all started with chatting online.

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Catfish is a documentary film showing the main character falling in love with someone online he has never met. They can share intimate details of their lives and he can’t wait to meet her in real life. However, it seems like she’s full of excuses. 

When they finally connect offline, she isn’t who she says she is. It shows how a person can assume whatever identity they want when a screen is in front of them. The two characters’ connection is “real,” but appearances can be deceiving. Catfish developed into an MTV series where people live similar journeys.

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Must Love Dogs 

Must Love Dogs is a classic romantic comedy featuring John Cusack and Diane Lane. After going through a messy divorce, Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane) is disillusioned and is reluctant to date again. Her sister sets up an online dating profile for her. Sarah goes on numerous dates featuring colorful characters. 

When Sarah wants to give up on finding love, things turn around for the better. Finally, she makes herself vulnerable and meets the perfect guy who loves dogs. This is a great film to admire your furry friends and get a new take on love if you are a dog lover. you’ll have to watch the movie to see how her journey pans out.

express your emotions

Is chat for you?

Chat can be a meaningful tool in many different areas of people’s lives. It’s a medium where people can express their feelings. The written word can communicate nuances that you might not articulate out loud. Perhaps you use it to find love online. 

You might explore other ways that chatting can help you. You may be the type of person who expresses themselves best in person. Alternatively, you might be an individual who expresses their feelings well in the written word. 

If you’re having trouble talking about your emotions aloud, you might try using chat. You can connect with an online therapist and see if this platform works for you. Just because virtual chat isn’t in “real life” doesn’t mean it can’t help you express your feelings. It’s worth trying to see if writing out your emotions helps you connect with others.

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