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If you’re a fan of acne/blackhead removal or other satisfying videos, you must check out these ear wax removal videos.

Ear wax removal: Watch these gross and extremely satisfying videos

Anxiety is known to keep people awake at night, tossing & turning until the sun peeks through the blinds. What is so often done when this happens? Grabbing your phone to distract your aching mind with internet content. But with urgent news, depressing controversy, and troubling social media posts, the internet can be a foul place if you’re trying to get some rest. 

Fortunately, we have the next internet destination for you when your nerves have you too riled up. Ear wax removal. Trust us – it’s vile but perfectly soothing when the deed is done. What’s more satisfying than the destruction of revolting substances sullying our lives? 

If you’re a fan of acne/blackhead removal or other body cleansing videos, you must check out these ear wax removal videos. As long as you can handle the initial “ew” factor, the videos feel super rewarding when the disgustingness is purged from existence (along with your anxiety.) 

Ear Wax Removal – ENT Docs

Dr. Moshe Ephrat gives a nice overview of the ear wax removal process. If you’re interested in how the process works, this helpful video gives you a great breakdown. The footage of ear wax removal here is really basic (the patients don’t have especially concentrated ear canals) but it still gives you a nice sense of satisfaction.     

Man Gets Satisfying Ear Wax Removal – Cater Clips

The warning on this video may say it contains “distressing content” but it should say de-stressing content, because it’s a sweet release when that big ball of gross ear wax is finally extracted. 

Looking in with an intense close-up shot, it’s absolutely disgusting to see a mass wad of ear wax. Yet, that only makes seeing the result of the clean ear duct all that much better. Set to calming music, this video is the epitome of relief. 

REMOVING MY OWN EAR WAX! *satisfying – Haley Bringel

Haley Bringel is familiar with the joy of ear wax removal. She shared that doctors told her that she has a high amount of earwax build up. Haley explained the benefits about having ear wax removed by doctors, but also decides to give it a try herself. 

Haley flashes a shot of the product she bought on Amazon, SimpliWell ear inspection. The kit came with a camera too which is how we can observe the satisfying self-operation. The YouTuber wowed us with her jammed-up ears thorough clean job. It’s pretty impressive how much she can get herself while being careful not to damage her eardrums. 


Rhys Barber gives great commentary as the video hops between ear wax removal procedures. The procedures also tackle some exceedingly yucky jammed earducts. The end results provide an appealing sense of cleansing achievement.  

The video is especially relieving when it pans back to show you the extraordinary globs of repulsive ear wax they purged from someone’s ear canal. Lots of them are massive – it’s so nice to see them gone. They’re unwelcome in the human body. 

Eardrum about to ‘EXPLODE’ – Mr. Neel Raithatha aka The Wax Whisperer

If you feel like the more ear wax removed the better, this video is for you. As the title suggests, this dangerously packed ear needs emergency ear wax extraction. That’s an easy conclusion to make after you witness the horrific white discovery below. The sheer quantity of ear wax removed is a marvel to behold. 

The creator of this video, Neel Raithatha, has been called “The Wax Whisperer” because of his expert technique and deft handiwork. He’s provided a large selection of ear wax removals like the one above. Definitely check out his stuff if you’re hooked on this ear wax removal stuff. 

Are these deeply disgusting or super satisfying? Tell us what you think below.

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