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Do you suffer from ear pain? Or, do your ears feel plugged? All the ways doctors can perform ear wax removal today.

Ear Wax Removal: How Doctors Treat Impacted Earwax?

Do you suffer from ear pain? Or, do your ears feel plugged? These are some common signs of blocked ears caused by ear wax buildup in the ear canal. Generally, ear wax cleans up by itself. But impacted ear wax doesn’t, leading to painful ears, ringing in the ear, and sometimes, hearing loss. If you face any such situation, it is better to get tested before your problems intensify. The issue of impacted ear wax can occur in children and adults alike. People witnessing excessive ear wax production tend to be more vulnerable. However, you don’t have to worry yet. 

Visit a well-known clinic like Ear and Allergy Clinic near your home or in the city for treatment. Experts can provide apt solutions suitable for your case. Nevertheless, they usually recommend one of three popular methods to deal with this challenge. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Ear irrigation

In this process, a doctor uses a syringe kind of device to squirt water or a mix of water and saline into the ear to force ear wax out of the ear. It can cause a little discomfort in the ear. Also, if the irrigated water stays inside, you can succumb to ear infection, tinnitus, and hearing loss. Your eardrum can get damaged. You can also feel dizziness and pain. Due to such risks, anyone with ruptured eardrums or ear infections may not be the best candidate for this.


The doctor investigates the condition of your ear canal and wax buildup through a microscope. In this procedure, they generally use a small vacuum to suck the hardened wax from your ears. Other tools like hooks and forceps can also come in handy. But it depends on the doctor’s preference. For a smooth experience, you must go to a trusted place as it tends to be a highly specialized solution. Nevertheless, it can be one of the best ear cleaning techniques. Since it is a faster method and doesn’t involve water, discomfort and pain in the ear can be of lesser degree.

Ear drops

Another effective and efficient process can be lubricating the ear canal to soften the ear wax. The chemical solution penetrates the hardened wax and disintegrates it for easy removal. However, it is essential to stick to the prescribed number of times you can use the ear drops to avoid troubling the ear canal lining. Excess use can lead to temporary hearing loss, pain, and discomfort. You can catch ear infections also.

Experts can relieve your pain and discomfort with one of these three popular ear cleaning methods. Please don’t use swabs. Earwax buildup may not be a severe issue, but your DIY efforts can create unwanted ear health challenges. That’s why it is necessary to see a specialist and get the needful done. Only a qualified and skilled ear specialist can examine your ear condition well and recommend a suitable process to treat or cure your issues. Under their supervision, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can follow their instructions and expect the best outcome of it. Make sure you choose the trusted clinic, though.

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