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Cycling and Meditation

It is normal to undergo lots of stress daily, which weighs on the mind. This makes going to the gym or keeping fit harder, especially from home. In time, the body is in bad shape resulting in various health conditions. So, creating exercise routines gives you a chance to stay healthy and get your mind off all the worrying situations. In choosing activities for your exercise regimen, why not consider cycling? This is an exercise with numerous health benefits because it causes many muscle groups to move, thus improving their strength and circulation. 

An advantage of cycling is its effects on a person’s mental and emotional well-being. It also stems from the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular accidents like stroke. If you are curious about combining cycling with meditation, this is the right article for you. Boost your mindfulness with exerting bouts of cycling and regular doses of meditation. 

Why is it Important to Practice Mindfulness While Cycling?

In case you are unsure about how to practice mindfulness while cycling, it is an easy skill to learn. Though you might believe the whole point of cycling to be maintaining fitness, meditation plays an integral role in building resilience physically and mentally. During every ride, you have to be conscious of your environment to stay safe, so being mindful helps to keep your focus on avoiding any dangerous paths or incoming objects.

You also become more critical of the state of your biking accessories and the electric bike itself, which are essential pieces of your cycling toolkit. Most bikers love to ride on trails close to their homes because they are usually more familiar. In all, you get to appreciate the beauty of nature and exercise your muscles while building your mindfulness. Enjoy the calmness of nature and let it relax your mind whenever you go for a ride. 

How do I bring mindfulness to my cycling workout sessions?

There are interesting things to note before and during cycling sessions to keep optimal mindfulness. 

  • Before cycling

  • Ensure to perform a quick warm-up exercise

It is a rule of thumb that you do a brief warm-up before starting any exercise routine and cycling is no different. Bikers can try out things as simple as opening up their hips repeatedly, hamstring stretches, push-ups, and other activities that allow an increase in the flow of blood around the body. If you can perform inversions, they are perfect for improving blood flow to the brain. After the quick physical assessment and rejuvenation, you should consider the state of your emotions to be sure you are in the right frame of mind. Being fully mindful ahead of your ride entails physical exertion and mental preparation. 

Breath control is essential if you want to ride over long distances. This is why it is important to exercise before leaving home. Endeavor to breathe in and out through your nose via the diaphragm, as letting air out through your mouth gets you tired faster. As soon as you feel warmed up enough to ride, roll out your wheels and pedal.

  • Inspect your e-bike before every ride

Being mindful ahead of your trip also entails checking the welfare of your electric bike. You must keep your commuter bike working functionally optimally for a hiccup-free ride. Regular inspections help you detect problems like flat tires and rusted chains early enough to take the necessary measures. Therefore, we advise that you look out for any faults on your electric bike and fix them before your next ride. 

  • Choice of clothing and gear

The clothes you choose for your ride reflect your overall mood of clothing. So try to be creative and spontaneous with your style. If you are going for a short ride to clear your head, wearing clothes like t-shirts and shorts is a definite yes! Ensure that the fabrics are good for riding, and always keep a towel to wipe the sweat off your body. It is also good to use biodegradable sunscreen for maximum skin protection while riding in the sun. 

  • During the ride

  • Stay positive in your thinking

To meditate, you have to be in a good place mentally. Positivity is key in maintaining perfect mental health. Therefore, if unhappy thoughts pop up in your mind during the ride, try your best to shrug them off and maintain composure. Being on the road requires a lot of mindfulness to protect yourself and other commuters from harm. If you feel your mood slipping, spread some love and light to everyone around. This keeps the negative feeling away and helps you live in the moment. Meditation is bliss when the mind is at peace.

How Does Breath Control Boost Mindful Cycling?

It is good to pay attention to your breathing while riding your electric bike. Occasionally, you might stop breathing during physical exertion without noticing on account of poor concentration. So, you can improve your awareness by taking deep breaths instead of quick ones, which reduces how much oxygen reaches your muscles. 

Synchronizing your breathing to the pedal rate increases the oxygen supply so you can ride for longer. This is evident in how the respiratory rate changes with variations in bike speed. 

Controlling your breath makes time feel slower, so you can enjoy the feeling of the cold air against your skin and the ambiance of the environment. Keep your focus and breathing in check to boost your mindfulness during rides. 

Never Hold Your Mind Down

The entire concept of being mindful is about living in the moment and paying closer attention to yourself. So, we encourage that you always protect your mind from wandering thoughts that might distract you or awaken sad memories. Plan properly before embarking on any trips. It is only when you are at peace cruising on your e-bike that you enjoy the rewards of meditating regularly. 

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