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Many movie stars have cosmetic procedures throughout their careers. Here's our clinic recommendation for those seeking Hollywood glam.

Common cosmetic procedures that celebs get

Many movie stars have work done, whether this is a nose job or hair transplant surgery, they are often concerned about their appearance.  Celebrities; after all, are in a highly competitive industry in which looks count and it can become more of a challenge to get good roles when an actor or actress ages. 

Women celebs, in particular, have complained about the difficulties of being offered good roles in movies and even in television series, once they reach a certain age. 

Female celebrities such as Renee Zellweger and Lisa Kudrow have had nose jobs done. Female celebrities may also be interested in getting other types of cosmetic surgery including cheekbone implants, Botox injections into the face and breast augmentation surgery. 

Many of the women choose to have work done, although many may not be open about this. If it means that the person’s self-confidence increases and they can get more roles, then the investment is probably worth it.

Male celebs also have issues with their appearance, and many men, in particular, worry about hair loss. Male pattern baldness caused by androgenic alopecia is all too common and is evident in many famous male movie stars. Jude Law, Brendan Fraser, John Travolta and many more all show signs of male pattern baldness. 

Some male celebrities do not seem concerned and may simply shave all their hair off. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are to such examples and it seems the lack of hair actually adds to the tough-guy roles these actors tend to take on.

For other men, hair transplant surgery is a good option and certainly, a full head of hair does help a man to look young and virile. 

While celebrities can afford to go to any clinic in their neighborhood, it is not so easy for the general public who may not have the money to pay out to have work done. This is where becoming a medical tourist becomes a smart move. 

The Vera Clinic in Turkey offers many options for men and women when it comes to cosmetic work. Besides cosmetic treatments such as breast lifts and VASER liposuction, there are also many hair transplants that are done. The clinic also offers the Sapphire FUE, which uses a special blade for the hair transplant procedure.

Another advantage of this clinic is that they have experience treating patients from all over the world and they are always introducing new techniques such as OxyCure therapy, for example.

It is wise to find a clinic such as this that is eager to introduce improved methods and that has a good reputation with experienced physicians and staff. Choosing less reputable places puts your health at risk and can actually be dangerous.

Remember you do not have to be a movie star or break the bank to get cosmetic work or hair transplant surgery done. Places such as the Vera Clinic in Turkey offer good treatment options for medical tourists who travel here from all over the world.

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