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Of all the social media sites, Instagram may be the one celebrities use the most. Here's everything you need to know.

The power of Celebrities Using Instagram

Of all the social media sites, Instagram may be the one celebrities use the most. Unlike the rest of us, for them it’s more than just a place to share photos with friends and family. For celebrities, Instagram has been a popular way to build their brand or help them spread the word about a brand they support.

Jennifer Lopez

Perhaps one of the most famous names that uses Instagram is Jennifer Lopez. With 253 million followers as of 2023, Lopez is number 15 on the list of members with the largest number of followers. Her methods for attracting followers include using hashtags written in camel case. This means that every word of a hashtag is capitalized to make it more noticeable. She also takes full advantage of the many communication tools built into the site. Using her Instagram, Lopez not only shares photos of her life, but often posts promotional materials pointing her followers attention towards a particular brand or photographer. 

John Mayer

People all over the country are clambering to listen to John Mayer. He’s another celebrity that knows how to use Instagram to his advantage. And while he posts everything you’d expect a musician to post his followers have gotten many glimpses of his sense of humor as well. Many of his posts are so casual and down to earth that you could even forget how big of a celebrity he is. His fans can relate to him on a level that they can’t relate to most celebrities. Mayer has struck the right balance between presenting himself as a famous musician and presenting himself as an average ordinary American male.

Taylor Swift

Edging out Jennifer Lopez in Instagram followers, Taylor Swift currently boasts 277 million. Like almost everyone else who uses the site, Swift often adds to her Instagram stories. But unlike many other users, she takes the time to make her own personal story filters. She has such a huge influence on her fans that many of them who use Instagram have begun to copy the filters she uses. 

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is among the celebrities that is also a businesswoman. She helped found a brand called Caliwater, which is drinking water that comes from a cactus. When posting promotional material, she reaches twice the audience by sharing not only on her account but also on the brand’s account. 

General Celebrity Use

Much to the fans’ delight, many celebrities use Instagram to give their fans and followers behind the scenes peeks of their lives, whether professional or personal. The site has become a great way for everyday people to view the inner workings of TV studios, movie sets, and more. The celebrities that use Instagram this way are the ones that connect with their fans the most. 

Those who are more open and honest about their lives often answer the questions that fans pose to them. For those who can’t make it to in-person events, this can be a satifying way to quell their curiosities about their favorite celebrities. It makes them feel connected to a particular celebrity, and helps maintain their interest in the person over the years. On the celebries end, they become even more influential over their fans when they communicate with them through Instagram.

Social Media and Activism

The fact that users can broadcast live on Instagram allows celebrities to have even more influence over their followers. And not just for the sake of entertaining them. Celebrities like Kerry Washington are known for using Instagram to promote causes they support. Two of those causes including how important it is to vote, and the ongoing fight against racism. Kerry has been able to start a dialogue about these issues among her followers.

Not to be outdone, Simone Biles also uses Instagram to support causes she believes in. She’s already used the site to advocate for the support of children living in foster care. Simone also uses it to help spread awareness about the importance of treatment for those struggling with their mental health. 

The Celebrity Appeal of Instagram

Social media is often a double edged sword for celebrities. On the one hand, they know connecting with their fans will help fuel their career development. On the other hand, they are people just like everyone else, and like privacy as much as anyone else. Among the reasons so many celebrities use Instagram is that it allows them to have the best of both worlds. They can keep in touch with their fans while still preserving their privacy.

However, the line between fans and friends can often be blurry in the eyes of the public. Unlike social media sites like Facebook, where the people you interact with are “friends,” Instagram simply allows accounts to have followers. This distinction is a comfort to most of today’s celebrities. They can show their fans they care without making those fans think the celebrity is their personal friend. In fact, some celebrities use third-party Instagram tools so that they can set to comment on and like others’ posts.

At the same time, the most successful celebrities use their communications with their followers to increase their passive income. By posting content or links to sites where followers can purchase their merchandise, celebrities become their own marketing professionals. And the connections they make with their fans make it that much more likely that fans will make those purchases. 

Keeping Up With Your Favorite Celebrities on Instagram

Depending on how many celebrities you follow, keeping up with all of their posts can be a hassle. But you can get around this by using Snoopreport. The activity tracker makes it easy to see what and when your favorite celebrities are posting on Instagram. This free program makes using Instagram as efficient as possible. You’ll never miss a celebrity hashtag, comment or like ever again. For both professional and personal use, Snoopreport is like having your own personal social media manager without having to hire someone and pay them for the position. 

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