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Lately, affordable health insurance that covers you in case of an illness or injury seems like a pipedream. Fortunately, you can make it happen. Here's how.

The best family health plan from Care Health Insurance

Policyholders are reluctant to get additional insurance cover for elderly parents, owing to the higher premiums. But it could help in achieving tremendous tax savings and also helps to handle costly medical expenses. There are many options when it comes to tax savings and one of the promising ways to incur higher tax benefits is to seek a family health plan for parents and dependents. Buying health insurance for aging parents who are susceptible to health problems may earn tax deductions up to Rs. 25,000 under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. 

Health insurance for the family:

Health insurance is an important aspect of financial planning and it comes with an additional benefit of tax saving. The regular insurance will cover self, spouse, and children and the tax benefit can be extended by including parents under the insurance cover. Health insurance for dependent parents can also help at times of medical emergencies to handle their health care costs without any hassles. Covering parents under the family medical insurance does incur higher premiums, but it is still worth adapting for the financial benefits it renders.

Section 80D of the Income Tax Act ensures higher tax deductions for insuring very senior parents who are over 80 years of age. Tax claims can be made for the medical treatment of very senior citizens who are not covered under any type of insurance. The maximum allowable limit for seeking this type of insurance is about Rs. 30,000. 

Under this rule, if one of the parents is above 80 years and is uninsured and the other parent is below 80 years of age, then the maximum tax benefit that the policyholder could claim is about Rs. 30,000. This cost might include medical treatment, medical checkups, and also the medical insurance of both the parents combined. 

Seeking family health plan from Care health insurance:

Care Health Insurance has received the distinction of being among the few independent health insurance companies. Although the company is relatively new, with its increasing customer base, it has tremendous standing power. The company’s insurance policies cater to a wide segment of the health insurance market and also policyholders’ requirements and needs. The coverages of the different types of policies offered are specific and custom fit.  

Care Insurance company has been known for its products and services. The company offers an extensive array of options in terms of health benefits. These comprise independent health insurance policies, health insurance plans for senior citizens, family floater health insurance plans, health insurance plans for critical illness, among others. These policies provide unmatched advantages to its policyholders. 

Bottom Line:

Care Health Insurance Company is a “stand-alone” health insurance company. It has a range of products for insurance including fixed benefit plans, indemnity plans, personal accident plans, and group health insurance plans. In today’s difficult times Coronavirus (COVID-19) is also covered under their health insurance plans. Care offers some exceptional advantages to policyholders, making it one of the most favored health insurance companies.

In the family, health insurance plans provide insurance cover for the entire family. It is highly beneficial because it becomes very affordable for a person to pay its premium and get the best features for the whole family. There is no such requirement to pay a different premium for different family members, everything is covered under one plan. Family members will include the person, spouse, dependent parents, and dependent children. But nowadays some insurance plans even provide cover for the parent-in-law or someone in the extended family.

Very affordable: With the growing age, it is for sure that some of the other health-related problems will keep on growing in the person. So better be prepared for this in advance and get the best insurance cover. Family insurance plans come under a very affordable range. The person has multiple options that provide different benefits. The person can research the different policies and out of them can select the best one. 

Hassle-free: Paying for different health policies of different people might be very exhausting and even confusing. For this, the person needs to maintain separate records and schedules for payment of premiums. Rather it is better to get one health insurance policy that will provide all the benefits in a single plan only. There will be fewer chances of confusion and the entire process of marinating the insurance policies will become easier.

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