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Health insurance for senior citizens can be the best gift to ageing loved ones. How can you choose the right plan in India?

Guide to Compare Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens in India

Caring for senior citizens at home is a cherished responsibility. In uncertain times, like the recent pandemic, the vulnerability of elderly family members becomes even more apparent due to reduced immunity and strength. That is where health insurance for senior citizens steps in as a reliable support system during health crises. It is not just a policy but a way to ensure that the good years of their lives are spent with grace and security.

Health insurance for senior citizens can be the best gift to ageing loved ones. This blog will provide valuable insights into health plans for senior citizens, their benefits, and factors one must consider before choosing one.

What is a Health Plan for a Senior Citizen?

Senior citizens health insurance is specialised healthcare coverage for individuals aged 60 and above. The insurance plan provides comprehensive support for medical costs, including preventive health check-ups for older people. It offers several advantages, such as cashless hospitalisation at affiliated healthcare facilities, critical illness treatment, and pre and post-hospitalisation expenditures. Additionally, it also extends coverage for COVID-19 treatment.

What are the Benefits of a Health Plan for Senior Citizens?

Health insurance for senior citizens reduces older individuals’ physical and financial stress. Here are some of the key benefits of purchasing such a policy in India:

1. Coverage for Domiciliary Treatment Costs

The majority of best health insurance plans for senior citizens include provisions for covering domiciliary treatment expenses. It applies when medical treatment is administered at home, which would otherwise have necessitated hospitalisation.

2. No Claims Bonus

The No Claims Bonus is a monetary benefit awarded to the policyholder for refraining from making any claims within a given year. Many senior citizen health insurance schemes allow individuals to enjoy a No Claims Bonus ranging from 20% to 100%.

3. Coverage for Hospitalisation Costs

Senior citizen healthcare insurance policies extend coverage for in-patient hospitalisation expenses and pre- and post-hospitalisation costs for a specified number of days. The duration of coverage may differ depending on the specific plan chosen.

4. Tax Advantages

The premiums paid for health policies designed for senior citizens are eligible for tax benefits as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Health Plan for Senior Citizen

With several senior citizen medical insurance plans available today, finding a suitable policy can get confusing and daunting. Consequently, evaluating all options and essential aspects is imperative to make an informed decision. Here are some factors to consider while purchasing a health policy for senior citizens.

1. Coverage

Before choosing a health policy for senior citizens, it is important to know all the coverage options. The health plan covers hospitalisation, outpatient care, and critical illness support. Seniors must assess their needs and choose a plan that fits them.

2. Cashless Hospital Facility

Each healthcare insurance provider maintains an extensive network of hospitals where individuals can access cashless hospitalisation services. Prospective buyers must review the list of network hospitals associated with their chosen insurance company before finalising a suitable senior citizens’ health insurance plan.

3. Efficacy of Healthcare Insurance Claims

One should also consider the claim settlement ratio and the time it takes to settle claims when purchasing a health insurance senior citizen policy. If an insurance company boasts a high claim settlement ratio and a swift claim settlement process, it indicates a higher likelihood of expeditious claim approval and disbursement.

4.. Free Medical Health Check-up Facility

Premium insurance plans for senior citizens often allow them to undergo an annual medical check-up at no extra cost. Typically, this benefit becomes available after a specified number of policy years or following every two to three consecutive claim-free years.

5. Co-payment

Numerous healthcare insurance plans tailored for senior citizens include a co-payment provision, where a portion of the claim amount is the responsibility of the policyholder to pay. The insurance company covers only the remaining part of the claim. Therefore, when considering options, selecting a plan with minimal to zero copayment is advisable.

6. Policy Renewability 

One should always seek out a top-notch healthcare insurance plan that provides a lifetime renewability feature, ensuring no need to acquire another health plan during their later years. A policy that terminates renewals, especially after age 60, is unsuitable for senior citizens.


Everyone wants their senior years in peace and joy, and choosing the best health insurance for senior citizens can help make these years stress-free. Ultimately, opting for an old citizen healthcare insurance plan with lifetime renewability ensures continuous coverage and makes it a prudent choice for healthcare needs.

The factors mentioned above to compare and assess different policies can give a hand in choosing the best plan. One can consider Niva Bupa health insurance for comprehensive coverage for senior citizens. They offer the best plan for senior citizens with a high claim ratio and domiciliary treatment with a renewability bonus.

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