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Smoking can be tough to quit. Here are some of the benefits to quitting smoking that will hopefully make things easier.

Benefits when you quit smoking

Even just smoking one cigarette results in several bad effects on your overall health. The nicotine in cigarettes, as well as the other chemicals really does have a negative knock-on effect on your health.

As we progress through this article, we will delve deeper into the key benefits of stopping smoking, as well as presenting some viable solutions to completely put an end to smoking for you.

Pros of cutting out smoking from your life?

1. Reduction in heart problems

Completely stopping smoking for just a month, can really help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Research suggests that after about 16 years of stopping smoking, the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease is just like an individual who has not smoked before.

2. Undertaking normal activities won’t result in shortness of breath

Smoking can cause lung disease by damaging your alveoli found in your lungs and even your airways. As a result of this, it could lead to you facing challenges with normal activities like walking up the stairs.

3. Reduce the likelihood of getting cancer

Smoking is known to cause cancer. This has been well known by doctors for many years. Taking into consideration lung cancer deaths, it has been reported that 9 out of 10 lung cancer deaths are as a result of smoking cigarettes or exposure to secondhand smoke. 

When someone quits smoking, the chances of obtaining lung cancer are significantly reduced.

4. Blood pressure levels will become better

It is known that smoking increases blood pressure. This is due to nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes. The reason as to why high blood pressure is not deemed to be good at all, is because of the outcome being an increase in heart rate. This can lead to a stroke or even heart failure.

How to quit smoking?

1. Clean your environment

Once you have committed to not smoke anymore, get rid of any remaining cigarettes and also your smoking accessories such as lighters and ashtrays. It is also recommended that you use a form of air freshener to eradicate the scent of cigarettes, as it could trigger a reminder to you of smoking.

2. Find your reason

To really get motivated and get yourself to really quit smoking, it is imperative that you have a powerful reason as to why you want to quit. These reasons should be strong enough that even if you feel the urge to smoke, the urge subsides. 

Generally, the reasons why people want to quit smoking is due to wanting to:

  • Lower chance of getting lung cancer
  • Lower chance of getting heart disease
  • Look and feel younger
3. Use prescription tablets

Time and time again, there have been several prescription drugs that really help people quit smoking. Champix is a common treatment which people use to assist them in stopping smoking. The prescription medication works by lessening the pleasure a person gets from smoking and also causes a decrease in the craving for nicotine.

In addition to Champix, there are an array of other treatment options. If you would like to explore more options that are available, Pharmica: the UK’s trusted online pharmacy has a selection of treatments available. Whether that be Nicorette gum, Nicorette lozenges, or a Smoke Free Clinic nicotine prescription.

4. Get Physical

By undertaking some form of physical activity, it distracts you from cravings for a cigarette. Even if it is just short bursts of activity, such as pushups or squats. 

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