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6 Ways to Incorporate Honey Into Your Diet

If you’re trying to live a health-conscious life and use food and herbs as medicine, then you must have heard about all the great benefits of eating honey. Honey can benefit you in so many different ways, such as acting as an inflammatory agent as well as providing immunity-boosting antioxidants. In addition to its health benefits, honey can also be used as a replacement for other types of sweetener; people love the sweet taste of honey. Not all honey is created equally, though. Your average store-brand honey might contain additional unnatural ingredients and was probably gathered unethically. However, on the other end of the honey spectrum is Manuka honey New Zealand, which is the highest-quality honey you can get. No matter what kind of honey you have in your pantry, today we are going to tell you six ways to incorporate this sweet ingredient into your diet. Whether that’s stirring some Manuka honey from New Zealand into your tea or drizzling it over whole-grain toast, by the end of this article, you’ll be excited to try these delicious ways to add honey to your diet. Keep reading to get inspired. 

1. Stir It Into Your Tea 

There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of tea with some honey. Honey is the ideal sweetener for tea because it’s natural and adds just the right amount of sweetness. You can adjust the amount of honey to your liking – a whopping tablespoon for a super sweet cup of tea or a drizzle for a touch of sweetness. Honey goes well with any type of tea, but our favorite combination is Manuka honey from New Zealand stirred into a steaming cup of organic green tea. Try this the next time it’s chilly out and you want a comforting hot drink to warm you up. 

2. Use It as a Sweetener for Your Coffee 

Honey in coffee is another delicious way to add this antioxidant-filled food into your diet. Stirring a spoonful into your black coffee or coffee with milk will give you the perfect concoction. If you have an espresso machine and milk frother, you also have the option of making honey lattes. To do this, make a latte as normal but put honey in your mug first before adding the espresso shots and steamed milk. If you start making honey lattes, you’ll be needing to stock up on a whole lot of honey because you won’t be able to stop drinking them. 

3. Drizzle It Onto Toast With Peanut Butter 

A great way to incorporate honey into your breakfast is to drizzle it over your toast. Our personal favorite way is to drizzle some honey over a slice of whole grain toast smothered in all-natural peanut butter. The combination of peanut butter with honey (or Manuka honey from New Zealand for the best taste possible) is a great way to start off your morning. The warmth of the toast will also soften the honey to the most delicious consistency. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it. 

4. Drizzle It Over Fresh Fruit 

In addition to adding honey to your hot drinks and breakfasts, you can also incorporate it into your snacks. A great healthy snack idea that’s perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth is fresh fruit with honey drizzle topping. You can pick your favorite fruits for this healthy snack – strawberries, blackberries, apple slices, you name it. All fruits pair well with honey, so once you’ve collected a bowl of your favorites, drizzle a little bit of honey on top to give it that extra touch of sweetness. We guarantee that this will be your new favorite snack. 

5. Add It to Your Salad Dressing 

Honey also tastes delicious in salad dressing form. Making a salad dressing out of honey is super easy; just throw some honey, vinegar, and salt and pepper into a bowl, mix it all up, and you have for yourself the perfect salad dressing. This easy recipe can be kept in the fridge for a few weeks, too, so you can really get the most out of this honey salad dressing. 

6. Put Some on Your Oatmeal 

The last way we have for you to incorporate honey into your diet is to add it to your oatmeal. Oatmeal with honey is another great breakfast, and to add even more flavor and protein, add a scoop of peanut butter and some banana slices. By topping off your oatmeal with honey, you’ll have an early morning meal you’ll want to recreate day after day. 


In summary, here are the six ways to incorporate honey into your diet we talked about today: 

  1. Stir it into your tea
  2. Use it as a sweetener for your coffee
  3. Drizzle it onto toast with peanut butter
  4. Drizzle it over fresh fruit
  5. Add it to your salad dressing
  6. Put some on your oatmeal 

Whether you use Manuka honey from New Zealand, Walmart-brand honey, or anything in between, you’ll love these six unique ways to add honey to your diet. Try them for yourself, and see what your favorite is. 

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