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How to Find What You Love: 6 Best Exercises

Choose an activity to your liking, and you do not have to work a day in your life. Psychologists say that you should give up without remorse the business you don’t like and try your hand at a new and interesting one, despite your age and public opinion. But what if you know what you do not want to do, but what do you want – do not even know? 

These exercises will help you decide on your life’s work. So, starting position. Choose the moment when no one will distract you – the evening after work or a day off. Take a sheet of paper and pen, and paragraph by paragraph go through the exercises. Your notes need to be reread after a few days, to make a decision on a fresh head. 

Two Questions to Turn Your Mind 

Ask yourself the question, “books, magazines and newspapers on what topic could I read every day and not get bored?” And now the second, “if I were rich, what would I do?” When a person likes what he does, he continues to do it, but at another, higher level. For example, a journalist opens his own media, a cook opens a cafe or restaurant, a makeup artist opens a beauty salon.


Write a list of things you don’t want to do under any circumstances. Keeping tax records, raising children in daycare, working as a cashier in a supermarket – everyone will have their own “black” list. It could also be that your current job will be on it. 

Identify Your Strengths

Assess your strengths. For example, you work as a writer in a betting magazine, and you write sports articles. Why don’t you develop your literary talent and try your hand as a journalist or blogger? You can write about finance. Especially since a job that brings in money can be combined with your favorite hobby until the hobby starts to bring you money. 

Look for Like-minded People 

Coming home from the office and complaining that you always wanted to be a ballerina isn’t effective. Start at least socializing on forms for dancers, go to a dance lesson and meet the teachers, take three or four classes. First, that way you’ll see if your dream can really be your destiny. Second, you’ll start to surround yourself with new people who are doing what you dream to do. And one day they’ll help you with opportunities as well. 

Think Back to What You Loved to Do as a Child 

Reading books or running races with the boys, sewing dresses for dolls or building sand castles, baking cakes with mom or watching dad fix the car in the garage – we all had our favorite childhood activities. Recall what made you happy once, and think about whether you can turn a childhood hobby into a real life business. For example, open a studio or write articles about fashion for the blog, grow organic vegetables in the garden or bake cakes. 


Imagine waking up early in the morning and getting ready for work. Think about what kind of work awaits you? What does your office look like? What will you be doing today? Write down the first thing that comes to your mind.

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