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5 Interesting Places to Hike With Your Fitbit In Ireland


Immerse yourself in the verdant landscape of Ireland, a paradise that captivates with its dramatic hills, enchanting valleys, and rugged coastline. These features create a symphony of breathtaking views that provide the perfect backdrop for the active hiker or runner. It’s here that you can achieve a unique balance – calming serenity meets invigorating vitality, and the connection with nature becomes palpable. The experience of hiking, walking, or running in such a stunning outdoor setting not only delights the senses but is also a significant boon for physical health.

For the modern adventurer, an added element can enhance this experience. The intelligent design of a Fitbit tracker adds a layer of health-conscious awareness to these outdoor activities. However, rather than focusing solely on the digital side of the experience, let’s consider it as a silent companion to your journey. A tool that unobtrusively tracks your progress, allowing you to focus on the beauty surrounding you.

  1. The Wicklow Way

Our journey begins with the Wicklow Way, a 131-kilometer trail renowned for its kaleidoscope of contrasting landscapes. Here, hikers and runners alike are gifted with breathtaking sights – from the sprawling expanse of Marlay Park in Dublin, through the wild, untamed beauty of the Wicklow Mountains, to the mesmerizing glacial valleys of Glendalough and the serene waters of Lough Dan.

For those mindful of their fitness, it’s estimated that an enthusiastic hiker could rack up approximately 170,000 steps tackling this trail. This estimation presents a tantalizing challenge to fitness enthusiasts and casual walkers alike. Whether you prefer the steady rhythm of hiking or the adrenaline-pumping thrill of running, the Wicklow Way offers an unforgettable journey through Ireland’s rich, natural beauty.

  1. The Causeway Coast Way

The Causeway Coast Way is a testament to the wild beauty of Ireland’s northern coastline. This 53-kilometer coastal path lies where the restless Atlantic Ocean laps against the rugged coast, a sight to behold for every outdoor enthusiast. On this trail, prepare to challenge your endurance with an estimated 69,000 steps. Each step taken encapsulates the majesty of Ireland’s coastline, taking you past ancient castles, dramatic cliffs, and idyllic beaches.

The Causeway Coast Way is a versatile trail, offering a dynamic experience for both walkers and runners. Its varied landscapes and the breathtaking views that accompany them cater to those seeking a tranquil walk or a more energetic run.

3. The Kerry Way

Venturing to the heart of the country, we find the Kerry Way. This 214-kilometer long trail winds its way through some of the most scenic vistas in the country. It is on this trail that you can truly immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Irish scenery, including the towering Macgillycuddy’s Reeks, tranquil lakes, and charming local towns.

Expect to clock in approximately 280,000 steps on a complete tour of this trail. Choose your rhythm – a slow, absorbing walk to drink in the scenery, or a challenging run that tests your stamina while letting you explore the trail.

  1. The Dingle Way

We then move westwards to the Dingle Way, an enchanting 179-kilometer trail around the Dingle Peninsula. This trail is a haven for hikers and runners alike, with a route that starts and finishes in Tralee, capturing the essence of Ireland’s captivating western coast. Here, expect around 234,000 steps worth of coastal cliffs, sandy beaches, and ancient archaeological sites.

The journey takes you through charming Gaelic-speaking towns, an experience that will let you soak in the authentic Irish culture and hospitality.

  1. The Beara Way

Finally, we venture off the beaten path to the Beara Way. This 206-kilometer trail winds around the Beara Peninsula, one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets. Unspoiled and untamed, this trail offers an intimate view of Ireland’s wild beauty. By completing this trail, you could add an impressive 270,000 steps to your Fitbit tracker while relishing views of rugged mountains, pristine lakes, and historical sites that speak of an ancient past.

The Beara Way isn’t just a journey across landscapes; it’s an encounter with Ireland’s soul. The trail, whether you choose to walk or run, guarantees a multitude of experiences that create a tapestry of unforgettable memories.


Ireland offers an unparalleled setting for outdoor activities like hiking, running, and walking. Compared to the confined environment of an indoor gym, the fresh air, varied terrain, and the stunning vistas of the Irish trails provide a full-body workout that invigorates both the body and mind.

The addition of a Fitbit tracker to these outdoor endeavors enhances the experience by allowing you to track your progress while you focus on the journey. Using a Fitbit not only makes you aware of the steps you’re taking but also the progress you’re making towards a healthier lifestyle.

Consider one of our stylish replacement Fitbit straps to enhance your hiking or walking experience further. These straps, designed for comfort and durability, withstand the rigors of the most challenging trails while remaining comfortable and stylish. They represent a fusion of fashion and function, perfect for the modern adventurer.

So, embrace the beauty of Ireland’s landscapes. Lace up your walking shoes or tighten your running laces, set your Fitbit tracker, and let the magic of Ireland invigorate your spirit as you step, walk, and run through its mesmerizing trails.

Enjoy the journey and remember – every step counts.

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