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4 of the Benefits of Computer Glasses

According to a recent study, the average American spends seven hours and four minutes every day looking at some sort of screen. This could be a smartphone, laptop, tablet, TV, or monitor screen. One can only imagine how this number was impacted by the worldwide pandemic, forcing people to work from home and spend even more prolonged periods of time staring at screens. This high amount of daily screen time is taking a toll on not only our mental health and our bodies but also on our eyesight. It’s unhealthy to view the blue light that comes from screens for such long periods of time. A great solution to protect your eyes is to wear computer glasses, which are designed to filter out harmful blue light. Computer glasses do so much more than just that, although filtering out blue light is a big enough reason to get a pair. Today, we’re going to tell you four of the biggest benefits of computer glasses. If you spend even a little bit of time looking at screens everyday, you’ll be convinced by the end of this article that you need to get yourself a pair. To learn all the great things there are to love about computer glasses, keep on reading. 

1. Filter Out Blue Light 

As we’ve already mentioned, exposing your eyes to an excessive amount of blue light can be damaging to your eyes. Specifically, blue light is known to decrease visual contrast, leading to what is known as digital eyestrain. Computer glasses are most commonly recognized for their capacity to filter out harmful blue light, incorporating science-backed technology that blocks blue light within the lenses. If you know you have a long day of staring at screens ahead of you, you can easily slip on a pair of computer glasses and no longer worry about the damage that the blue light would do to your eyes. 

2. Protect Your Sleep Cycle 

Did you know that blue light affects not only your eyesight but also your sleep/wake cycle? Blue light acts as a signal to your body that it is daytime and should be energized, but what happens when you expose your eyes to blue light at night time right before you go to sleep? Looking at screens such as your phone screen at night can actually make it more difficult for you to fall asleep and contribute to worse quality of sleep. However, we all know that sometimes there are important emails to respond to before you go to bed, or maybe you just want to watch a short video or two. To protect your sleep cycle from the harmful side effects of blue light, wear computer glasses any time you look at a screen at night. You’ll be thanking us later when you get the best sleep you’ve had in quite a while. 

3. Improve Posture 

What’s the first thing your body naturally does when you can’t see something very well? You try to get closer to the thing you’re looking at. The same thing applies to eyestrain and screens. When your eyes start to get tired because of the constant intake of blue light, your body naturally hunches forward towards the screen to see it more clearly. This is the textbook definition of horrible posture that can quickly become an unhealthy habit if you hold it for too long. By wearing computer glasses, you reduce the strain on your eyes, avoiding the need to get closer to your computer screen. It’s crazy how a simple pair of computer glasses can have a positive impact on your body in so many different ways, from your eyes to your spine. 

4. Reduce Headaches 

Another unfortunate side effect of eyestrain caused by blue light is headaches. Headaches and migraines from screen time are all too common. In fact, approximately 64% of people have experienced more frequent headaches as their screen time has also increased. Computer glasses are a simple fix to this dilemma. Although you may need to spend more time looking at your screen because of work or more of your life taking place digitally, you can easily avoid throbbing migraines with a pair of computer glasses. No need to bring along pain meds when you know you have a long day of screen time ahead of you. 


In summary, here are the four biggest benefits of wearing computer glasses: 

  1. Filter out blue light
  2. Protect your sleep cycle
  3. Improve posture
  4. Reduce headaches 

The benefits of computer glasses are overwhelming; we can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t get a pair. They come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, so what’s stopping you? Add a nice pair of computer glasses to your cart right now, and experience the holistic relief that comes from protecting your eyes from blue light. 

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