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YouTube has tons of options for users. Find out how to use a YouTube lifehack to make your life musical.

One YouTube lifehack that can make your life musical

Did you want to become a YouTuber lately? Or are you a blogger and want to make your vlogs more interesting? If the answers are yes, then you need to work on your musical part of the video. Content is king when it comes to YouTube. YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform in the world.

The free streaming feature makes it a perfect choice for billions of fans and YouTube users worldwide. If you are a YouTube user and want to better your work here, you can use some life hacks. Read on, and you are going to unlock one magical and musical YouTube lifehack. 

Few fantastic tricks and tips for you:

  • Want to listen to a particular track on loop? We all did such things. You can right-click on the video, and a pop up will come. Now click on the ‘Loop’ option, and your music will play on loop now. 
  • If you want to play every video from a particular channel, you need to put &list=UL at the end of the URL in the search bar. Every video from the YouTube channel will start playing one after another for you! 
  • Not the whole video, but you can share a specific part of the video with your friends. Just click on the share option, and a message will pop up at the bottom, asking you where you want to share it. You can put the time there, and you can share only that portion of the video! 

How can I download my favorite YouTube videos?

If you are a content creator, you need to use different music for your video. You can also need several videos for your reference. If you do not watch others’ works, you can never become a good creator. For the best offline watching experience, you need to download the video.

You need to download the video in such a way that it gets compatible with your device. You need a video downloader that downloads for you and converts it into the required format. You can try the MP3 Studio YouTube downloader for this purpose. Using the MP3 Studio YouTube downloader is smooth and hassle-free. Your job will be much more comfortable with it. 

Why do you need to download MP3 Studio?

  • Experience the fastest downloading feature with this app. 
  • You can now choose the format of the file as per your requirement. 
  • HD quality file is at a click distance. 
  • The app works wonderfully with every operating system. 
  • You can get the ID3 tag of every song. Now you will know the source of the track and every detail about it. 

How to use the magical downloader?

  • Search for and download the app. 
  • Install the app on your device now. 
  • Choose the URL of the file you want to download. 
  • Place it on the input field. 
  • Choose the format of the desired file. 
  • Now download and enjoy. 

Do not waste your time and visit soon to experience some fantastic music. 

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