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How to withdraw money from an online casino: factors to consider

Beyond having fun playing responsibly, in this article we tell you what you need to know to withdraw money from an online casino.

Beyond the recreation or fun that playing at an online casino generates, how to withdraw money safely is a central part for the vast majority of users. 

One thing is crystal clear, almost all users want to play in secure sites, yes, but also in fast withdrawal casinos. Casino operators know this. But do not despair and look only at the speed of withdrawal.

In this case, it is not about going to the cashier and exchanging chips, as in traditional casinos. When it comes to playing in an online casino with real money, then, it is necessary to properly contemplate some issues and their details in order not to have unwanted surprises.

Some important points for withdrawing money from an online casino

Although each online casino has its own rules, peculiarities, ways of working and payment methods, there are policies and characteristics common to all of them. These are agreements that transcend borders.

Before playing it is advisable to carefully read the terms of use of the selected online casino. That said, here are some of the common points about payments that are important to know:

The account must be verified in order to deposit and withdraw money. First of all, it should be noted that in order to withdraw money from an online casino you need to be within the legal framework of the country where you play. The operator will not transfer any amount until he is sure that the player is the holder of his account. 

This is because online casinos try to make sure that nobody impersonates the users’ identity and to protect their clients and those under 18 years old, who are not allowed by law to play because they are considered minors. That is why verifying your account is the first thing you should do when you register to play on an Internet gambling site.

You have to take into account the ways to withdraw money from the casino where you intend to play. Well, actually, you have to take into account the two phases: the deposit and the withdrawal, to tell the truth. 

It is not a minor issue, however obvious it may seem, and it is advisable to do it before registering.

Choosing the best among so many available payment methods is important because no user likes not to be able to withdraw his winnings easily and whenever he wants. 

Therefore, when choosing a reliable operator, it is ideal that it presents a varied menu of withdrawal methods and that these have the desired efficiency and speed. 

Credit or debit cards, the use of PayPal or other e-wallets, bank transfers and, more recently, the use of cryptocurrencies, are some of the reliable and proven methods in casinos.

Remember that withdrawals and deposits have set limits

Online casinos usually impose these limits by default, always according to current legislation. Sometimes, it is the users themselves who can establish their own limits, something advisable to play in a healthy and careful way. It is better to be cautious, isn’t it?

Another fact to contemplate is that withdrawals are not something instantaneous, like a snap of the fingers, they are not so fast. 

It happens that casino operators must guarantee that the withdrawal is possible and that it does not involve any irregularity. Casinos move a lot of money and any shady handling can mean the loss of the operating license.

Depending on the withdrawal method chosen there will be a certain waiting period. Among the most common and reliable methods offered, e-wallets represent good options as they are one of the least time-consuming.

Why are e-wallets a fast way to withdraw money from an online casino? 

The fastest and most convenient way to withdraw money at casinos are e-wallets, without any doubt.

Bank transfers, used for many years as the preferred payment method, usually take, on average, three to five days (or more) to become effective. In addition, they can involve banking costs, and we don’t want that to happen.

With virtual wallets, in addition to the ease of handling them from a smartphone, the speed improves, as well as the availability to make the withdrawal.

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