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ECheck vs POLi at Online Casinos

ECheck and POLi payments are among the most popular and widespread methods in online casinos. Whom between them to choose? Let us analyze the specifics of POLi casinos and casinos that accept eCheck, discover their advantages and pitfalls, and find out who is the better for you personally.

ECheck Payments in Online Casinos

ECheck is a digital variation of a paper payment check that embodies an obligation of its drawer to pay a claimed amount to a check bearer. Notably, casinos that accept echeck require a personal account in a certain bank.

ECheck is a very conservative payment method. It combines the strong advantages of a time-proven payment system with less convenience than modern digital methods.

ECheck Pros:

  • Advanced reliability. Online transactions of reputable banks are protected with numerous identity checks, which decreases the chance for hack and user errors.
  • Universality. EChecks are supported by all fiat online casinos and banks, with few exceptions. Besides, they are available for all countries and currencies.
  • Cancelable payments. A bank can return withdrawn money to a casino by the user’s claim. It helps to correct users’ and casino administration’s mistakes.
  • High maximum payout. An average bank allows players to withdraw amounts that exceed casino limits per transaction.
  • Account insurance. If your withdrawn winnings were stolen from the bank account, you can cover the loss with insurance.

ECheck Cons:

  • For withdrawals only. 99.9% of online casinos do not offer eChecks for deposits.
  • Low transaction speed. A transfer via eCheck may last up to 7 banking days.
  • High fees. A bank may take 5-20% of a player’s withdrawal, depending on the bank and the payment amount.
  • High minimum payout. An average American bank requires a withdrawal of at least 35-50 USD.
  • Bank as an additional controller. A player’s bank can suspend a transaction or freeze the account.
  • Transparency of player’s identity. To receive a payment via eCheck, you need to disclose your identity, address, and banking details. An eCheck requires more of your private data than any other payment method.
  • Complicated payment credentials. To fill out an eCheck, you must enter at least the bank routing number and its office ZIP code besides your personal data. However, some casinos limit the range of supported banks and fill in their basic credentials instead of their players.

POLi Casino Banking

As for the poli casinos, they utilize an online payment system that directly connects an Internet banking app of a user to an online casino cashier without credit card or personal data. POLi belongs to the Australian governmental post, and it is primarily designed for the Australian and New Zealand market. However, foreigners can also use POLi if they have an account in an Australian or New Zealand bank.

POLi Pros:

  • Anonymity. A player who did not pass a KYC keeps their identity secret from the casino.
  • Zero fees. In most cases, POLi does not charge fees. Otherwise, they contain about 1% but never more than 3 AUD.
  • Fast transactions. POLi payments are credited within 10–15 minutes.
  • No system minimum amount. The system requires a minimum transaction of 1 AUD (0.75 USD). Most casinos establish POLi minimum deposits and withdrawals of 30 AUD (20 USD).
  • High maximum transaction of 50,000 AUD. In almost any casino, it is much lower than the limit per transaction.
  • Support of both payment options. Unlike eCheck, online casinos implement POLi terminals for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Simple applications. To make a transaction, the player simply needs to select the POLi in the cash register, enter the amount, and enter the bank to make or receive the funds.
  • Bonuses. Numerous casinos promote POLi payments with generous welcome bonuses and cashback.

POLi Cons:

  • Non-cancellable payments. Because of the user’s anonymity, the casino administration or bank does not know whose account they need to refund.
  • Limited range of supported currencies. POLi is primarily an Australian system and services Australian and New Zealand players. Besides AUD and NZD, it includes mostly international and reserve currencies.
  • An Australian or New Zealand bank account is obligatory. POLi is a national system. It allows transactions through these banks only.
  • Questionable cybersecurity. Banks often claim that this payment system is vulnerable to hackers because of its direct access to external banking apps. But, in practice, the frequency of POLi data leaks does not exceed one of the bank data.

POLi or eCheck: Choice of Casinos and Players 

Both POLi and eCheck can be extremely uncomfortable for one type of player and perfect for another.

POLi is your choice if you:

  • own a bank account in an Australian or New Zealand institution;
  • have small or medium gambling funds;
  • prefer Australian and New Zealand casinos, accessible to foreigners;
  • appreciate simplicity, high speed, and low fees rather than reliability;
  • use AUS, NZD, or USD only;
  • ready to bear all responsibility for your personal errors, reject your bank insurance and help.

Bank transfers are recommended if you:

  • are a pro or VIP player;
  • operate big periodic withdrawals and agree to wait for their crediting up to several business days;
  • require advanced reliability and bank guarantees for your payments;
  • use a wide range of national fiat currencies for gambling;
  • know all bank transaction codes;
  • agree to combine eCheck withdrawal with other payment methods for depositing.

POLi or ECheck Is Your Choice

POLi and eCheck perfectly complement each other and satisfy the needs of almost opposite players. POLi is among the leading e-payment systems since it is quick and cheap. ECheck embodies the reliability and security of classic banks, and even the most advanced crypto casinos offer eCheck withdrawals in addition to e-wallets and cryptos. Select POLi or eCheck, deposit conveniently, claim your bonuses, enjoy the best games, and win the biggest prizes in online casinos.


Is POLi available for the USA online gamblers?

Yes, USA gamblers may pay via POLi if they have an Australian or New Zealand bank account. 

What USA banks accept online casino withdrawals via eCheck?

All USA banks can receive a withdrawal from an online casino if the casino or the bank does not claim the opposite.

What are POLi online casino banking limits in US dollars?

POLi allows transactions of up to 50,000 AUD (~33,300 USD). However, online casinos may set other limits, look for them in the pages of Deposits and Withdrawals, Payment Methods, or in the cashier of the casino site.

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