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Video games have become the best means of escapism in a world where we’re always stuck at home. Here are all the video game memes you need.

Gamers unite: All the video game memes you need for leveling up

Video games have become the best means of escapism in a world where we’re always stuck at home. Entering a new universe every time you pick up your controller has provided some fun. You can even meet new people by playing online with other gamers. One thing we all share is our love of memes.

Struggling to find another meme to send to your gamer friends? Want to laugh your way into 2021? Let’s celebrate another year of gaming before we level up with these memes.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Finding a good teammate online is like finding those diamonds in Minecraft . . . maybe even harder. So, when they disconnect or leave to *shudder* socialize – it’s hard to let go. “So long, partner!” 

Level up

Sometimes it can take you a few months before buying that popular game of the month. However long you take it’s guaranteed that everyone else is level 100 before your game is installed. It’s level up or die in the dangerous world of video games.

“I wanna be widowmaker”

Is Overwatch still a thing? Being a healer can be a pain especially when the team you’re in wanders off in many different directions. If you need healing then group up!

Cyberpunk 2077, is that you?

We’ve all fallen for those entertaining mobile ads for video games. It’s like Walmart vs. Chanel, but game edition. The actual game is always inferior and looks completely different. Heartbroken isn’t even the word . . . .

Go our own way

“What about us? What about everything we’ve been through?” We got lost in HSM for a second. Gamers everywhere know the pain of trying to investigate then stumbling upon your actual destination. Let us find hidden treasures!

Turtles stick together

“Dad, there’s a small plumber jumping on me!” The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are out here defending turtle rights and defeating evil Italian plumbers one day at a time. 

Coronavirus 2020: The video game

Films have fallen off our radar this year. Video games remain our true love as they continue to roll out even after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Gamers for life!

*Insert eye roll here*

You don’t understand gamers if you see someone rage and reply with that. We know, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt if you remind us. Let us rage in peace.

Forever locked down

Video games, you always manage to keep us entertained as the hours of socializing melt away. Oh, there’s a government-mandated lockdown? We didn’t even notice.

Foe Guys

Those trolls waiting when you’re about to cross the finish line in Fall Guys belong in a special place . . . 😈 The things people will do for a crown and a new skin. Writes down tactics to use at a later date

2020 is reaching its end. Which game from this year did you enjoy playing the most? Any gaming moments from the year you want to share? Let us know in the comments.

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