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Unleashing the Inferno: How to Unlock the Mighty Lord Class in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is a 2014 action RPG developed by Techland. One of the game’s key features is its character class system. This article will explain how players can unlock the powerful Lord class. (Factor News – Unlocking Lords Class) We’ll cover:

  • The Lord class’ attributes and starting equipment
  • Reaching the Inferno ending to make it available
  • Identifying and not purifying Beacons throughout the game
  • Using the Rune of Adyr on Beacons and Iselle to trigger the ending

The Mighty Lord Class’ Attributes and Gear

  • The Lord class starts with a massive 22 Inferno attributes, alongside 13 Vitality and 13 Endurance. This allows them to deal devastating fire damage while staying hard in combat.
  • Their starting equipment enhances this, such as the Lord Axe zweihander, Infernal Weapon fire magic, and Resistance-boosting Rings of Bones and Duty. Their armor set also provides bonuses to the Lord’s flames.
  • Few other classes can match the Lord’s power straight from the character creator. Their flames make them deadly against any foe from the game’s start.

Finding the Rare Inferno Ending

  • Reaching this ending is required to make the cheap lords of the fallen vigor available for new characters. Players must avoid cleansing any of the game’s Beacons after major boss fights.
  • These Beacons are located throughout areas like the Forsaken Fen, Upper Calrath, Fief of the Chill Curse, Tower of Penance, and The Empyrean. Purifying even one locks the standard Radiant ending.
  • Instead, the Rune of Adyr found in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters must be used on the Beacons. This corrupts them and leads to the Lords of the Fallen’s Inferno conclusion.

Using the Rune of Adyr on Beacons and Iselle

  • After defeating the Sundered Monarch and taking its Umbral Scouring, the Rune of Adyr can be empowered at the Effigy of Adyr.
  • Players then return to each Beacon, using the Empowered Rune to corrupt them. This sets the path to the Inferno ending.
  • Finally, the Rune is used on NPC Iselle after beating Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel boss. This triggers the ending sequence and unlocks the powerful Lord class.

The Beacons that players must not purify to unlock the Lord class can be found in several key locations throughout Lords of the Fallen:

Forsaken Fen

  • The first Beacon is located relatively early in the Forsaken Fen marshland area. Players will encounter this shortly after the initial tutorial zone.

Upper Calrath

  • The second Beacon is in the snowy Upper Calrath region, near where players fight their first major boss, the Burnt Ivory King.

Fief of the Chill Curse

  • Deep within the frozen Fief of the Chill Curse lies the third Beacon, near imposing structures like the Frozen Cathedral.

Tower of Penance

  • High atop the ominous Tower of Penance, players will find another Beacon overlooking the landscapes below.

The Empyrean

  • The fifth and final Beacon resides in The Empyrean, the game’s culminating otherworldly dimension reached late in the story.
  • By remembering to use the Rune of Adyr on all five Beacons across these key zones, players can unlock the tremendous power of the Lord class upon reaching the Inferno ending.

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