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The 90s saw an upswing in movies about the casino. Most of them are still iconic today. Grab some popcorn and watch our top 10 favorites now!

Top 10 Casino Movies of the ’90s

 90s casino movies occupy a major position in the history of movies, especially the ones that were shot in Las Vegas. From Stu Ungar story, Molly’s Game, to any Robert Altman Film and the movie Cincinnati Kid, all the movies of the 1990s were stunningly amazing. 

However, if we choose only one movie out of the long list of movies of the nineties, we know that the movie known as Casino, which was filmed in 1995, occupies the major position among these movies.  

Today in this article, you will read some interesting information about the gambling industry and casinos in films.  

Casino – One of the best gambling movies 

The presence of Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci in this movie shows that it was a blockbuster. This movie revolves around the fellows who join the Casino and enjoy huge success. We know that casinos are all about luck, and this movie shows us how two men become successful in Las Vegas.  

The element of romance also creates excitement in this movie; it has a love triangle between the two mobsters and a trophy wife. The movie’s most exciting event is when both guys decide to join up once again in Casino. 

Here the viewers want to know if their luck is going to work this time as well. This is a registered trademark movie and resembles Uncut Gems. It is definitely considered one of the best casino movies in the world. 

Rain Man – Perfect Casino gambling movie 

The popularity and wide acceptance of this movie made it so that it won a total of four academy awards in 1990. The reason for the immense popularity of this movie is the cast, in which Tom Cruise plays the role of a young man, Charlie. 

The main story of this film does not revolve around gambling but there are quite a few references to that scene. In this film, Charlie meets with his long-lost older brother Raymond in a Casino.  

Rounders – Best 90s casino movies 

This is a fascinating visual masterpiece that follows the story of an online poker game player. In fact, it is an amazing gambling film of 1998 in which Matt Damon plays the role of Mike McDermott. Basically, Mike is a reformed gambler who once again returns to the casino after helping an old friend, Worm. 

Watch friends make up for years lost and decide to invest in gambling, but unfortunately, end up losing everything. In the end, the film takes an amazing turn in which Mike has to beat Russian gambler, KGB Teddy, to get all of his wealth back.  

Croupier – Movie of Las Vegas Casinos 

When you watch this gambling movie, you will come to know that every great movie gets its inspiration from real life. It is full of various life lessons that are described from the life of Clive Owen’s Jack Manfred. This is an interesting depiction of a casino worker who learns various Casino tricks and changes his life.  

The Last Boy Scout  

Although the main theme of this film is not gambling, it does revolve around self-destruction, gambling, money, and games. The main character becomes the victim of negative habits and invests all of his money in gambling. 

It seems like a true story of the poker player, and it is told in a very real way, which makes it one of the best movies of all time. If you’re looking for one of the best poker movies of all time that focuses on inner workings and personal development, this is one to watch.  

Leaving Las Vegas   

Another interesting casino movie of the 1990s revolves around casino players who decide to leave Las Vegas after multiple defeats in casino games. The main character of this story is Ben Sanderson who is a Hollywood screenwriter. In this movie, he acts as a person addicted to alcohol and loses everything through the casino.  


This is a comedy casino movie from 1996 in which a wannabe character has a hard time moving on from a breakup. However, he finds very supportive and good friends who bring him to the Casino and distract him with casino gaming. 

As a result, he finds a lot of relief and easily recovers from the broken heart. It is worth mentioning that the main theme of this movie is not romance, but the positivity and comedy that his friends bring into his life.  

Hard Eight  

This movie was released in 1996, and its main theme is crime. The movie mainly revolves around professor Gamla Sydney, who teaches gambling and trading to his student, John. John is an intelligent person, and he does well, but unfortunately, he becomes involved with cocktail waitress Clementine. 

Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas  

Released in 1998, this story is an amazing amalgamation of adventure and comedy. An oddball journalist and his psychopathic lawyer travel to Las Vegas for a series of psychedelic escapades. This story depicts various emotions of life and connects the person with fear and loathing.  


Bugsy was released in 1991, and it is the story of how Benjamin “Bugsy” Seigel started Las Vegas. The director of this movie was Berry Levinson, and the theme of the story is related to biography, crime, and drama. There are very few casino movies of 1990 that address crime and biography at the same time, and this is one of those movies. 

The story of this movie is quiet but gets interesting quite quickly. It is considered the all-time favourite casino royale movie in which poker games are at their peak, and card counting plays a vital role. 


This is where our list comes to an end. That was our intake on some of the best casino movies of the 90’s. Perhaps we left out a movie that you may have fancied. But something that we definitely won’t leave out but strongly encourage is betting on online casino squad as we all want to experience the life of a gambler but never know how well now we can from even the comfort of our homes.  

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