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Still stuck with your archaic gaming consoles? It’s time for a much needed upgrade. Here are the best online emulators.

Gaming consoles of the past: All the online emulators that actually work

Still stuck with your archaic gaming consoles? It’s time for a much needed upgrade. Using an online emulator allows gamers to ditch their controllers and enjoy playing on any portable device. 

Why an online emulator? 

Online emulators are platforms with a collection of old & new games for PC & mobile gamers. You can ditch your heavy Nintendo Switch monitors to play Nintendo games online with just one subscription. 

Unfortunately not all online games have been successful in this form of adaptation. According to VICE, most gaming communities struggle with the “rollback netcode” when producing an online game, but some new & improved online emulators allow you and your friends to play together in real time with an updated version of rollback, so there’s no delay on either screen and all gamers can enjoy the game in real time. 

Using an online emulator gamers can reap all the benefits of less lag time, and can challenge gamers from across the globe with high definition and the best compatibility with any device. 

Online games

One of the newest additions to the online world: Tough Love Arena. Similar to Teken, this fighting game allows you to dodge, kick, and strike your opponent until you reach ultimate victory! This online game was created in 2018 at the animation event Xu.

Another online game to add to your gaming experience is Guilty Gear Strive. Guilty Gear Strive is an action packed fighting game, but the game also includes multiple gaming mechanics which bring your old fighting games to utter shame. This game provides you and your opponent moments of vivid effects like “zoom-ins & slow motion” effects. But where can you play these games? 


OpenEmu is an online emulator for every Mac user out there! Using macOS gamers can enjoy the user-friendly interface which allows gamers to play multiple games without any compatibility issues. 

OpenEmu provides Mac gamers a range of systems such as: Atari, DS, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PSP, Sega Genesis and many more. But the most impressive feature of the online emulator is the collection of games and features like taking screenshots and adding multiple filters. Don’t worry – it comes with a manual! 


No this is not a typo – PPSSPP is the online emulator for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It’s one of the only Playstation emulators that allow gamers to play PlayStation games on any mobile or PC. Not only is the program free, but you can also play multiple games with ease. 

The only purchase you’ll really want to buy is the update to PPSSPP Gold which provides gamers the choice to support PlayStation developers with more quality features. However, PPSSPP still allows users to save states, snap screenshots and (of course) use cheat codes.


Don’t fear Nintendo lovers – Mupen64Plus is here! The online emulator Mupen64Plus provides platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android the best gaming service. Games like Super Mario or Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be played using the emulator which supports every screenshot, cheat codes, shortcut, and save stakes. 

You can download the online emulator using GitHub or Google Play to enjoy the benefits of Mupen64Plus. The Nintendo online emulator also provides gamers with the choice of online play and the option to add multiple gaming consoles to the mix. 


If you’re using Windows, macOs, Linux, or Android, Reddream is the online emulator for you! According to PC magazine, Reddream is the best emulator for Dreamcast games like Phantasy Star Online that needs no controller or BIOS files. 

Reddream also allows gamers to use a keyboard amongst four players to enjoy various multiplayer games. Luckily you can download it completely free for high quality gaming. But if you & your gaming team want more features, try purchasing their Premium package. 

Ready for your new gaming journey? Let us know in the comments below. 

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