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Are you spending too much money on boring anime games? Time to level up for the ultimate gaming experience. Check out at these free anime gaming sites.

Weeb out with these great free anime gaming sites

When Netflix & Hulu aren’t cutting it, video games have been a foolproof way of staying sane & occupied during quarantine. When it comes to anime fans, binge-watching video game-centric anime like Sword Art Online on Crunchyroll doesn’t always cut it either. All those TV subscriptions add up after a while, what can be done?

Those looking for complete immersion into their anime gaming fantasies need look no further than the list of free anime games we currently can’t get enough of.

Elsword Online

A tried & true hack-slashing MMORPG at the top of many people’s lists is Elsword Online. Fully leaning into its anime inspirations, eye candy in both defensive & offensive gameplay abound. Utilizing the best parts of 3D side-scrolling formats, special attacks are satisfyingly sparkly with freeze-frame nods to the many manga all twelve main characters are clearly descended from.

From the cel-shaded easter eggs to the decidedly Final Fantasy-esque class system, you’re sure to find a character whose identity & story will resonate with you. The conversation surrounding the game is just as complex, with entire forums dedicated to specific characters. Elsword’s gaming community can be found across all social media platforms, most predominantly on Twitch.


ArcheBlade punched its way onto Steam in 2014 and was immediately applauded by its sartorial nods to Soul Caliber and stylistic nods to the cel-shaded glory days of Street Fighter. Fourteen unique characters to build your skills around will keep you very busy right off the jump.

The three map styles of free-for-all, capture the flag, and team deathmatch will have you customizing your character in ways most similar to anime standards Trigun & Fate/stay night. As one of the oldest games on this list, the community surrounding it is just as seasoned. Although most of them can really only be found on Reddit & Twitch, use them to your advantage! They routinely dole out loads of tips & tricks for noobs.


One would be forgiven for mistaking Brawlhalla for a free-to-play sibling of Super Smash Bros. Its rainbow of routinely updated & upgradable characters are very easy to get in rhythm with. Their quirks are specific enough to give each part of Brawlhalla an episodic feel anime fans crave upon each new cliffhanger.

In that same vein, you can hone your skills to the point of competing with the big leagues, as several E-sports competitions hold Brawlhalla in high regard. Stylistic nods to Pokemon, Bomberman, and Saint Seiya can be found all through the game. With special power-ups and finishing moves to match, the rewarding payoff of customizing your character to perfection is just as eye-popping.


Another episodic MMORPG for more adventurous anime gaming fans, Closers methodically & suspensefully builds each character into hack & slash heroes most reminiscent of Xenosaga and .hack//SIGN game. Whether you choose to dive in solo or with friends, anime gaming fans will be satisfied with enough easter eggs and special attacks to fuel more than a few Crunchyroll sessions.

With visual flair to match its engrossing characters, the arcade-style battle mechanics make for peak Esports drama as well as actual anime viewing thanks to beautifully voiced cutscenes.

Soul Worker

Bayonetta fans who have always wanted a true-to-form anime equivalent, your prayers have been answered with Soul Worker. As with all great anime gaming that involves high-schoolers tasked with saving humanity, larger-than-life special attacks and strategic party formations and customization bring the most out of this game.

Inspiration for Soul Worker can easily be attributed to Devil May Cry, The World Ends With You, Sword Art Online, and Infinite Stratos. When viewed in crisp 4K for those who can afford it, Soul Worker’s visual acrobatics will likely have you moving from character to character just to be dazzled by their special attacks. Mortal Kombat fatalities, anyone?

Which anime gaming favorites of yours did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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