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There's more money to be made in online gambling today than ever before. Take a step inside for a look at the huge wins available in online casinos.

Huge wins at online casinos

Whatever games in online casinos were played by fans of gambling pastime, big wins happened everywhere. Someone went to success for a long period, calculating their moves and applying different strategies, and some were lucky just by chance and the will of fortune. Experts from Fancasinos have helped compile some of the most incredible wins in the best online casino history.


Fortune Can Lie in Wait Anywhere

Many clients, who managed to beat the slot machines, proudly shared their name and address, as well as told the details of their path to victory. Among the lucky ones were those who, out of boredom, paid 25 cents for one spin in a slot machine and became the owner of incredible amounts.

However, some users wished to remain anonymous. Therefore, history has kept only their winnings. Perhaps the heroes were afraid of scammers who might cover their good, or maybe distant heirs who would immediately decide to visit a rich relative. In any case, let’s be glad for the lucky ones from all over the world:

  1. Finland. A young Finn 40 years old could win the record amount of the jackpot. After paying a quarter dollar in the Mega Fortune slot, he was able to guess the movements of the three reels and come up with a winning combination. And more than $24 million migrated into the pocket of the new millionaire, leaving the best online casino jurisdiction in early 2013. That’s really mega luck!
  2. The United Kingdom. In 2015, the Briton from Cheshire grabbed a $17 million jackpot from casino sites. Not bad for a 26-year-old soldier!
  3. Norway. Another lucky guy from Mega Fortune slot machines. At night, he became the owner of almost $12 million. It was in 2011. No wonder the guy couldn’t sleep for several days!
  4. Greece. The brainchild of Microgaming brought a lot of money to a businessman from Greece. The 36-year-old couldn’t even dream of making $8.5 million in his business back in 2009.
  5. Australia. And again, slots from the Microgaming provider made a gambler happy. He entered an online casino to make a couple of spins in slots with The Dark Knight. Batman saved his life and made him rich with a gift of $7.8 million.
  6. New Zealand. Green Lands features not only the Lord of the Rings landscapes but also the massive cash jackpot in the Mega Moolah slot. In 2016, one of the indigenous people won $7.4 million directly from his mobile!

A Couple of Unknowns

Two players with a break of a year (in 2015 and 2016) hit jackpots of almost the same size — more than $8.7 million. The winners chose to remain incognito. We only managed to find out that one of the players entered the casino sites with an iPad, while the other was playing slots in the Hall of Gods.

Many winners were so dumbfounded by the number of their prizes that they could not come to their senses for a long time. We admit to ourselves that we are counting on more modest jackpots in slot machines. And everyone knows what additional costs they will spend. But when it comes to several million dollars, how not to get confused. Therefore, we advise each client of an online casino to come up with a list of basic expenses for large amounts in advance. Who knows maybe you will be next in luck on casino sites.

But before you register, it is important to know how to choose a real money casino. So read this article and stay safe.

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