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Everything you need to know about verification in online casinos

  • Is a Verification Procedure Required in a Modern Online Casino? The Key Pros and Cons
  • Real-money gambling in online casinos requires registration – the process by which you provide certain personal information to create an account on the site. It’s enough to start playing for real after you deposit. However, the casino may also ask you to verify your ID at a certain stage of gambling at a casino. Here’s what you need to know about the verification procedure.

    • Do All Modern Casinos Ask You to Verify Your ID?

    Legal gambling sites have to be licensed by reputable authorities empowered by countries’ governments to regulate the casino sphere. Take any website at, and you’ll see it has at least one license. Licensing authorities have a set of rules for all the providers applying for a license. One of them is a compulsory verification of users. The key purpose of this rule is anti-money laundering. It’s aimed at preventing the usage of casinos as a means to legalize dirty money.

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    Considering the aforementioned, all casino sites with a legal license will ask you to verify your ID. It’s their obligation before an authority they should report to.

    • When Do I Have to Undergo Verification?

    You won’t have to verify your ID right after sign-up. You’re free to play for real money without it for some time. Here are the three options when to verify your ID:

    1. You’ve reached a certain transaction limit on the site. Every casino has a certain threshold defined by its Terms & Conditions. Reach it, and they’ll ask you to undergo verification.
    2. You want to withdraw money. Some gambling sites employ the verification procedure on your first withdrawal. 
    3. Voluntary verification. If you don’t want any delays related to verification in the future, just contact the support team to undergo the procedure whenever you’re ready.
    • The Documents You Have to Provide

    The standard user verification on a gambling site requires copies of three documents: ID (passport, ID, Card, Driver’s License), Proof of Address (Utility Bill), and Proof of Payment Method (Bank Statement). You should send them to the casino customer team by email. They usually approve the documents in 24 hours.

    • Pros & Cons of Verification in Online Casinos

    The key benefit of user verification is the prevention of money laundering. A player also gets certain advantages – a verified account has better protection from unauthorized access and different kinds of fraud. 

    The biggest drawback of verification is the time it requires. This may delay your withdrawals for up to a few days.

    • Conclusion on Verification in Online Casinos

    Though players don’t like it because of possible delays in payments, verification is crucial for keeping gambling in casinos safe and legal. The sooner you undergo this procedure, the faster you’ll be able to gamble without limits.

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