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'Among Us' has been a worldwide craze. Here’s how to try out the new Airship map in InnerSloth's latest update.

Don’t act sus in ‘Among Us’: Learn how to play the new Airship map

Among Us has been a worldwide craze. It skyrocketed the popularity of certain online creators and has given everyone a fun way to hang out with friends online. Some like to create chaos and others enjoy playing detective, but either way, everyone understands that having a deep understanding of every map is a major advantage.

Fans of the game were elated when a new map called The Airship was announced – not only would such a big map create new challenges, but the variety in new tasks is much needed for anyone who has played Among Us for hours at a time.

The Airship hasn’t been released yet, but there’s a simple glitch that can allow you to give it a whirl right now. The map isn’t complete yet, so some things may not work as intended, but practicing on the map now could give you a huge advantage over your friends when the map is officially added to the game. Here’s how to try out Among Us’s Airship map.

Nintendo Switch

The glitch only seems to work on the Nintendo Switch console – the latest device capable of supporting Among Us. However, as long as the host exploits the glitch on a Switch anyone can join the game and check out The Airship, no matter what device they’re on. Thank goodness for cross-platform play!

How to play on The Airship

Once you have Among Us on your Switch all you have to do is create a local game, then once it’s set up you’ll go to the little laptop to change the game settings (the same one you’d use to switch costumes) – there you’ll see the option to pick the Airship.

Now you can exit to the main menu and host an online game. However, you cannot select a map when you go to host this game because it will deselect The Airship. Now all you have to do is wait for online players to join or send the room code to your friends. Ta da! Enjoy your exploration of the new Among Us map before it’s even released – though you may have a few very confused players in your lobby.


Sadly, this glitch has been patched by InnerSloth and can no longer be taken advantage of by the curious or the tech-savvy. The glitch was known for approximately a week before confirmation hit the web that the development team caught wind of people trying to use the unfinished map and blocked access to players.

It’s understandable, not only do they want the release for The Airship to be new and exciting, but The Airship was far from finished and had a few glitches of its own.

Sneak peek

While you can’t go poking around The Airship in Among Us yourself anymore, that doesn’t stop you from taking a look at the footage other people grabbed when they exploited the glitch.

Above we embedded a quick two-minute video which showcases a few new tasks, as well as the art design for a number of the rooms on the new map. If you pause at 13 seconds you can even take in the whole layout of the map itself, which could still prove a useful advantage in the future when your friends are still orienting themselves on a new map.

From moving platforms to an ominous gun bay The Airship certainly looks like an exciting new place to explore, accuse, investigate, and of course murder.

The Airship will not officially be released until sometime in “early 2021”, which means that it could be any time in the next couple of months. 

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