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Gaming online? Here are the best memes that come on like an attack

Ah, gamers are truly in their element while in quarantine, aren’t they? You don’t have to go outside. In fact, you’re encouraged not to. Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal have been released recently. Plus the revamp of Final Fantasy VII! So, you know, there’s tons of things to do, Steam wishlists to get through, maybe do a 100% completion mode. 

It’s a marvelous time right now to play video games. Granted for those of us who waited until the pandemic to get back into gaming, we’re kind of out of luck. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some good ol’ gaming memes. 

1. Custom character cut scene

Listen, the fun part of games when you can heavily customize your characters is making them look as weird as possible and laughing when they interact with others in cutscenes. We don’t make the rules of comedy.


Sometimes, there are just glitches in the matrix, huh? Because that dude is totally a non-player character brought into reality. Either that or they’re in Florida. 

3. Good sportsmanship is important even in video games

You can’t win all the time, okay? Those who realize that and congratulate others for a “good game” are precious individuals. 

4. An insomniac’s dream power

Having the power to just knock yourself out for a full 8 hours of sleep without having to do tossing and turning? Uh yeah, where do we sign up for that ability? 

5. Cuphead, amiright? 

Cuphead is a gorgeous game that harkens back to an era of animation that’s having a bit of a revival. It’s also one of the most difficult games in the world. Though making your game so hard that journalists can’t fully rip into it is a baller move.

6. You get some strange urges

Sometimes, you see a pipe on the ground and you’ve played enough GTA or any open-world game that you just get the urge to pick it up and use it. Ignore that urge, though. Ignore it.

7. Real world logic? Not here!

Yes, it would make sense for the bad guys to keep the highly flammable liquids away from where they are staked out. But then the explosions wouldn’t be so cool. You can see the dilemma here. 

8. Everyone who played video games as a kid feels this in their soul

Mom! Please! It’s shutting down we promise! This is definitely making us flashback hardcore right now.

9. Stage or boss battle? You make the call

Either way, this looks really, really, really cool. We’re here for the aesthetic.

10. The stages of a video game apocalypse

Nothing will ever get a gamer more on edge than all of these things happening at once. Period.

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