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For those uninitiated, 'Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout' is easily one of the most adorable competitive multiplayer games. Here's our guide.

Want a crown in all rounds of ‘Fall Guys’? Here’s the ultimate guide

Fall Guys has reached an explosive level of popularity since its launch in August. From Twitter to YouTube to Twitch, you can find these bright, jelly-bean-shaped characters stumbling all over each other everywhere.

For those uninitiated, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is easily one of the most adorable competitive multiplayer game in the gaming sphere right now. Mediatonic’s brainchild is full of obstacles & challenges, but the game’s most distinctive feature is its bright & breezy take on battle royale’s usual explosive approach. 

Players take control of one of sixty bean characters each match roundup with the goal to outshine every other player in the series of semi-random mini-games and be the last jellybean standing.

Like any other battle royale game, Fall Guys also has in-game currencies that can be either won or purchased. These currencies can unlock brand new skins, colors, and other cosmetic items. The game currently has two types of currencies: Kudos & Crowns. 

Kudos are doled out pretty generously if you play the game and level up. Crowns, on the other hand, is the premium currency and a little tricky to get a hold of. Plus, crowns give you access to some of the most sought-after cosmetics in the game which gives gamers even more of an incentive to collect crowns. If you too are hungry for more crowns then look no further – we have compiled this guide to help you out.

Leveling up

Probably the easiest way to collect the all-important crown is by advancing to higher levels and acquiring fame points. But anyone who has tried their hand at Fall Guys knows season pass crowns are hard to come by. As a matter of fact, season 1 of Fall Guys only gave players a total of three crowns for advancing through the whole season. 

Though more crowns given as rewards have been added to the game in the subsequent season – eighteen to be exact. At least now your bean will be able to don some of those enviable outfits so your character can stand out from the peasants without going through the trouble of winning every round type. 

However, if you manage to tear through all of those rewards and are still on the hunt for more privileged items, then you’ll have to find other ways to obtain those sweet, sweet crowns.

Winning the game

The second way to obtain a crown is through winning the game. By winning the game we mean kicking some major jelly bean butt and remaining the last bean standing at the final round of the game. Sadly, Fall Guys doesn’t dish out crowns just for being a qualifier in the mini-games – that’d be much too easy. 

The crown is awarded only to the player who is placed first out of sixty participants, however, coming out on top is not an easy feat. For all its cuteness, Fall Guys can become pretty cutthroat as the rounds progress – but fret not! We have got some awesome tips to win tricky games and get you those rare cosmetic items you are dying to get your hands on.


Block Party

Block Party is where players have to dodge moving blocks and can get pushed off the stage. To survive this mode you need to keep an eye on the direction the blocks are coming from and most importantly, steer clear of others.

Dizzy Heights 

In Dizzy Heights, you will have to make it to the finish line while navigating through a heck lot of spinning discs. To win this round we recommend you don’t get dizzy – follow the platform’s rotational direction, and keep on jumping! 

Egg Scramble

Egg Scramble is a team game where you are split into groups of threes and your goal is to gather as many eggs as possible. To win this game, you should collect gold eggs which are worth the most points. But you will have to guard them religiously because a thief will always be on the lookout.

Fall Mountain

Now, Fall Mountain is a final round game because once you win this uphill battle the precious crown will be yours. But winning this round is not easy – you will have to run quickly while avoiding the hazards on the way. Try to stay away from spinning paddles and keep switching lanes to avoid the rolling balls. And lastly, don’t get hasty grabbing that crown.

What do you think of our Fall Guys tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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