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Play some of the best robot fighting games by picking your favorite characters and pitting them against each other in glorious battle!

The Best Robot Fighting Games

The war robot game is the category of video game that deals with devices programmed by computers and capable of carrying out a series of actions. During the gameplay, robots can be controlled by the gamer to achieve the task. These types of games deal with Combat, Exploration, Action-packed, and Strategy game categories.

Such games offer amazing gameplay with different objectives to accomplish. The player is able to control the action of his robot and also he can customize it in his style by using different accessories and items at the start of some games. You can easily play these fighting games for free. In these games, the robots are playable characters with weapons that the gamer can use to kill his enemies. 

Robot games are also known as Transformers games that have the capability to turn into vehicles. In some games, the player is provided with a robotic suit that can do unique actions like fly in the air, destroy buildings, and more. The robot element is used in almost all famous categories like Exploration, Fast-paced,  Combat, Sci-fi, and more. Robot games are basically based on fighting games, action games, and boxing games.

best robot fighting games

Top-Rated Robot Games

Do you love playing robot fighting games? If yes, then you are at the right place to find the best robot fighting game. There are many online and offline robot games that you can play on your device. Below is a list of the best action games, fighting games, transformers games, and robot games. 

  •  WAR ROBOTS (fighting games)
  •  Ultimate robot fighting (Action games)
  •  Robot warfare-mech battle (Boxing games)
  • Air Robot Battle game (Transformer games)
  • Mech wars- Online Robot battle (robot fighting games)
  •  Robot Guide (fighting games for free)
  • Robot race (transformer games)
  •  Robots real Boxing War robots Fights and combat (combat games)
  •  Mech battle: robot war game (Robot War)
  •  Robot car transformation: Wildhorse robot games
  •  super dragon warrior big Wings battle (3D war games)
  •  Robot cars (multiplayer games)
  •  flying police eagle transform bike robot shooting

best robot fighting games


This is the best robot game that you can play get on Appstore or Play Store. This is the biggest robotic combat, Player VS player game. In this game, you have to fight against enemies from all over the world and prove to them that you are the most demanding, fastest, and most clever player. You can prepare techniques against your enemies and finish the game by killing your rival.

In this game, there are over 50 robots with specific designs and power. You are freely allowed to play the game according to your desire. You can either kill or crush them or protect and save them.  War Robots is one of the best fighting games that contain a variety of weapons to choose from.

best robot fighting games

2. Robot race

In the Robot Race game, you will get an opportunity to race in the future science fiction landscape which is the last hope of humanity. Robot race game delivers some specific and breathtaking experience with its effects and graphics like never seen before. Robot race is one of the best fighting games for free.

best robot fighting games

3. Robots real Boxing War robots Fights and combat

Robots real boxing war robots fight and combat are one the best boxing games. In this game, you have to control your robot and kill your enemies. This game will give a real boxing game experience and you are able to test the controlling skills of your reboot. People find this game one of the best boxing games.

best robot fighting games

4. Robot Car Transformation: Wildhorse robot game

This game is one of the most amazing transformation games. It has some unique and impressive features like futuristic flying car battles, real robot battles, and the most amazing robot transformation. The central theme of this game is that the city is under attack by Robot horses and you have to transform your car into a robot to kill the opponents. This game has some actual challenging missions.

best robot fighting games


Tornado robot transformation game is developed by brilliant games and the setting is again innovative. Nevertheless, this robot simulator game has a robot tornado and Mechwarrior to show robot attacks and superhero fights in this game. This game has features including high-quality graphics, war sound, realistic, and new robot models with tornado robot features.

best robot fighting games


We have compiled a list of the best robot games that you would love to play. These games have the best graphics and sound effects. In the above list, there are also transformers games that give you another level of enjoyment. I hope this article will give you enough information that you want.

best robot fighting games

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the above-listed games free to play?

Yes, these games are totally free to play. You can play them offline and online according to your wish. And, you don’t have to pay any amount to play these games.

What kind of features do these games have?

These games have the features like high-quality graphics, engaging plots, themes, best sound, and visuals. Other than these, a few of them have the transformer ability to change your robot into a car.

Which one is the most popular robot fighting game from the above list?

War Robot is one of the most popular robot fighting games from the above list. In this game, you have to kill your enemies. You have more than 50 unique robots and powers. And, you can play according to your desire, you can kill your enemies or save them.

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