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Do you have a love for casinos? Do you enjoy playing poker? Here are the top 10 best poker movies ever.

The 10 best poker movies ever

Are you looking to play and win big with BetUS casino but cannot, perhaps these poker-themed films might be all you need to awaken your inner gambling genius. The following are the 10 best poker moves ever:

1). Casino Royale – 2006

Casino Royale is not exactly a movie with poker as its main theme. However, Poker lovers will be proud of the heavy amount of card games featured in the movie. The film features a famous story of James Bond travelling to a Slavic country to stop a shady banker from getting a massive payout from a game of poker. The movie comes with various scenes full of high-octane action and poker games.

2). Molly’s Game – 2017

Molly Bloom wrote this poker movie thriller as it is based on the writer’s memoir. From aspiring to ski at the Olympics to getting injured, the movie follows Molly as fate led her to the shady world of illegal gambling. The movie saw Bloom quickly launch a famous gambling hotspot that quickly caught the interest of the feds due to its illegality. This movie comes with a lot of poker games.

3). The Cincinnati Kid – 1965

The legend, Steve Eric stars in this poker-centred thriller. As Eric Stoner a.k. a “The kid.” Eric was an emerging poker player with dreams of playing the world’s best player in the game, “The Man,” played by Edward G. Robinson. With a bunch of talented actors, the poker scenes were perfectly executed.

4). Rounders – 1998

This is an all-time great as the most popular poker film. It makes our list as one with a large number of scenes featuring the game. The film boasts of an all-star cast of John Malkovich, John Turturro, Matt Damon, Famke Janssen, and Edward Norton. The plot of the film revolves around two friends Mike (Damon) and Worm (Norton) trying to make a lot of money at a high paying poker game to pay back their dangerous loans.

5). A Big Hand For The Little Lady – 1966

This movie was directed and produced by Fielder Cook and is known in the UK as, “Big Deal at Dodge City.” This is one of the best poker movies ever and comes with a star-studded cast. The movie has a triple theme of poker, comedy, and Western.

6). California Split – 1974

This is a film that follows Charlie Waters and Bill Denny as they nurture their gambling passions. The two characters enjoy their gambling passion, but the lesser skilled Bill becomes more obsessed with poker as his monetary wins were increasing. Bill even played poker with the real Amarillo Slim.

7). Maverick – 1994

This is another all-time best poker film with a star-studded cast. Mel Gibson played Bret Maverick who the movie follows. He was a con artist that was looking for an easy loot to play a high paying poker game. He was also joined by other shady characters to achieve his clandestine aim.

8). Mississippi Grind – 2015

This is a movie that features Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds and has a lot of poker scenes. It involves the characters of both stars as they take an adventure into the Southern poker scene of Mississippi. The film features some supersonic performances.

9). High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story – 2003

This is a movie that follows the life of Stu Ungar, a poker player. Ungar makes such a perfect storyline for this poker film. Known as an all-time great in the world of poker, the film tells the story of Ungar his rise, his fall from grace, and his eventual death.

10). Lucky You – 2007

This is a film that has a star-studded cast with a nice poker-themed story. The film follows the story of Eric Bana as he dreams to participate in the biggest poker events in Las Vegas. The film apart from being a nicely themed poker movie also has blends of romance and drama.

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