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If you are a fan of poker, you will probably like watching movies about it. Here are some Apple TV poker movies to watch.

Poker on Apple TV: Interesting movies to watch

If you are a fan of poker or just want to learn more about this popular game, you will probably like watching movies about it. Poker is often used as an element that adds a dramatic effect to a film. Really good movies, some of which are listed below, can give viewers a sense of true poker subculture. Pick the one to enjoy your time and get a better understanding of this sport.

Poker Night

Poker Night is a thriller that revolves around Stan, a newbie detective who gets kidnapped by a masked, sex-crazed serial killer. He imprisons Stan with a young woman in a creepy lair. To deal with desperation, a cop starts recalling the stories told to him by his fellow detectives during their poker games. The entire movie story is related in the form of a flashback. 

All Stan’s anecdotes about job success and failures are endlessly entertaining. To survive and save the young girl, Stan needs to use all of the wisdom imparted to him by veteran detectives during their long poker nights. Poker Night combines twists and turns that make you guessing till the very end.

Mississippi Grind

This is an American drama film directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck and released in 2015. Mississippi Grind is a seductive story about two marooned midlifers Gerry and Curtis. 

Gerry, a struggling gambler, has a broken marriage, a bad relationship with his daughter, and a hideous mountain of debt that doesn’t prevent him from hitting every poker table in Mississippi. Curtis, a mystery guy,  joins him for the journey making viewers wonder if he’s a good or a bad accomplice.

This atmospheric and dialogue rich movie can inspire you to play poker in a nice company of your friends. Great actors’ performances can make you eager to feel the unique game dynamic at a casino poker table. 

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to organize a play with friends any time you want it. But there is a solution for such occasions, you can visit a website with biggest no deposit casino bonuses and enjoy your time in a virtual company. This website has incredible casino bonus offers that will encourage you for a winning game. So you can have fun with both a poker game and unpredictable Mississippi Grind storytelling.

The Gambler

This is a remake based on the 1974 film written by James Toback. The Gambler, 2014 is an American crime drama by Rupert Wyatt starring Mark Wahlberg. It tells the story of a literature professor and high-stakes gambler Jim Bennett whose debt makes him borrow money from a loan shark. He offers his own life as collateral and the plot hinges on whether Bennett can successfully juggle all his secret schemes. 

The exciting storyline and amazing performance of Mark Wahlberg make this movie a gem in the gambling genre. It’s definitely worth watching if you are interested to understand how an addict leading a secret life feels and thinks.


Shade is a mystery and thriller movie written and directed by Damian Nieman. This poker film was set mostly in martini bars and clubs of Los Angeles and released in 2003. Despite a limited release in only 6 theatres, it drew solid reviews and received good ratings.

Shade tells a story about Thandie Newton and Gabriel Byrne that are two hustlers aiming to beat a well-known cardsharp in a high-stakes poker game. To do that, they decide to hire two scam artists in order to help them out. From this point, their chaotic scam begins. 

Though the movie has a nice twist at the end and unpredictable finish, most viewers consider the plot less important than the actors’ performance and their characters.

Lucky You

This is a romantic drama movie directed by Curtis Hanson and released in 2007. It is concerned with the subject of gambling and addresses the acute issues of obsession and redemption. Lucky You offers people a story of a talented poker player who must balance an exciting love affair with the feats he must accomplish to take part in the world championship

If he manages to do that, there is a chance that his competitor may be his father, a poker legend who abandoned his mother years ago. Lucky You shows the way in which that main character interacts with those around him and makes viewers wonder what drives his behavior.

These are only a few poker movies you can watch on Apple TV to unwind at the end of a long day. If you are into gambling, you can find many more of them and select something that helps you relax and immerse yourself into the gambling atmosphere.

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Brian Rasta is a professional poker player with extensive experience in it. He takes part in international championships and trains using online poker platforms. Paul views poker as an exciting and challenging sport that develops both thinking skills and intuition.


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