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Crewmates as plushies look extremely adorable & comforting. Check out all the 'Among Us' merch that you desperately need!

Looking for an ‘Among Us’ plushie for Christmas? Here’s where to find one

Very few things in 2020 have brought us an escape, given that travel was off the table for most of the year & quarantining at home was a prerequisite to safety. Of the few things that managed to give us a happy escape from the havoc of a year, Among Us stands apart.

It went from being an obscure indie game to a full-fledged global phenomenon that led to the inception of many a meme chatrooms & a lingo that only a crewmate or impostor can understand.  

And now that it’s time to do holiday shopping for your family, Among Us is among us. Scratch that, Among Us merchandise is actually everywhere & for good reason. For those of you without a clue, Among Us creates a different universe altogether – one in which you’re either a crewmate headed into space or an impostor on a mission to jeopardize this odyssey of the crewmates.

Looking for an Among Us plushie for Christmas? Here’s where to find one – Film Daily. Whether you need a gift for your secret Santa or a funny gift for your friend’s white elephant party, there’s Among Us merchandise perfect for any type of gift.

Who’s the worst among us?

The crewmates are doing everything they can to keep the spaceship running – from keeping the electric wiring going, to battling asteroids, and pumping fuel into the engine, among other tasks – while the impostors try their best to sabotage the well-oiled machinery & kill the crewmates.

The game itself uses the classic premise of any bluff-driven sport. While running errands may seem a bit of drudgery, it’s actually quite thrilling considering you’re simultaneously not just escaping a killer, but trying to identify one. Among Us is like the digital reincarnation of the murder wink game we played as kids. Remember the party game where a murderer secretively murders people by winking at them?

Much like it was incumbent on the players to figure out who the murderer among them was, crewmates try to figure out the impostor(s) – you can have multiple in a single game – by calling in meetings. Of course, this is the digital world, so the meetings are very sophisticated. You’ve got a dedicated chatroom that opens up anytime a dead body is reported or an emergency meeting is called by a crewmate.

In this chatroom, accusations are hurled, aggressive guesses are made, and countless votes are registered to oust the impostor. Sometimes, rookie impostors get caught red-handed either killing another crewmate or venting through the system – something a crewmate cannot do. The thrill of playing the game – whether on phone or PC – has defined much of our lockdown lives.

Among Us merch is flooding Etsy

It hardly comes as a surprise that merchandise selling platforms like Etsy are flooded with Among Us merch for the Holiday season. There are miniature crewmates that remind you of the bobbleheads of famous action figures & superheroes. In fact, many of these are available as a set aka the entire rainbow collection. 

Then there are plushies. Crewmates as plushies look extremely adorable & comforting. If you only want a keepsake, you might also want to check our keychains, cookie cutters, posters, face masks, cushion covers, T-shirts, mugs, bags, totes, office accessories like notebooks, mobile covers, backpacks, duffel bags, fanny packs, zipper pouches, hoodies, laptop sleeves, face masks, among other things.

The creators of the game, InnerSloth, have created a merchandise store themselves. There you can even find hooded blankets, tumblers, socks, stickers, and throw blankets.

On Etsy, one of the cutest & functionally useful Among Us merchandise is a 3D acrylic LED night lamp in the shape & color of a crewmate. Then there are hats & beanies, birthday cards & magnetic bookmarks. If you’re planning to get the Among Us plushies, we suggest getting the entire rainbow family because there’s nothing like being surrounded by those adorable crewmates. 

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