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Do you want to use an 'Among Us' voice chat feature? Explore the perks and problems of voice chat and decide if it's legit or sus.

‘Among Us’ needs its own voice chat feature ASAP

Among Us has a lot going for it: Cute little avatars, accusing your friends of being imposters, ghost chats, betrayals, memes! But something is driving the game’s fans crazy: the lack of a voice chat feature in the game! Communication is such an important aspect to the game itself, you know? It makes sense to let people actually talk to each other! 

Right now, most of the accusations & meetings are done in text. While that can work for some, others have a difficult time with the written word. Many gamers are using the game in conjunction with Discord in order to simulate a voice chat function for Among Us. We also get why the developers didn’t build a voice chat function in the game – players shouldn’t talk to each other until a meeting is called.

You know what? That’s fine. There should be an auto-mute function, too. It can allow a voice chat to be enabled during a meeting, but if the meeting is off? Silence. If people are more comfortable with text, that’s fine, too! We’re saying the option should be there for players. Otherwise it becomes unwieldy and chaotic.

In an ideal world, this would already be implemented. In another ideal world, players using Discord to supply a voice chat function would know when and where to mute themselves in the game. Sometimes, people forget, and hearing background conversations or noise from other players can be pretty distracting at times! 

Plus, if you have a group with players new to both Among Us and Discord, they might have issues knowing where or when to turn off their mics. Having an in-game talk feature that allows for an auto-mute saves people a lot of time & headaches in order to keep going in game, you know? It’s all about streamlining the game so that players can have the most enriching experience possible from it! 

Then you have to deal with trolls, the people who will speak and say too much for the sheer enjoyment of ruining the game for others. Or just to be that guy out of your friend group. And there’s no excuse for them not muting their mic on Discord! They’re just being a jerk about it. So having something that will cut the mics from everyone at the same time would help a lot in the long run.

There’s also ghostly vengeance to consider. In Among Us, the ghosts get their own chat when they die so as not to ruin it for the other players. Using Discord? The recently deceased could get petty and drop the name of the player that killed them in the voice chat. That just ruins the game, you know? It’s only fun if you figure out on your own.


So if this hypothetical voice chat in Among Us has an auto-mute when meetings aren’t in session and a perma-mute for players when they die? It would be the best mix of everything so the game can go as the developers intended. This also will allow people to be able to talk, if, for whatever reason, reading the text box is difficult for them to do so as well. 

At the very least, there should be an in game option for a system like this to be in place. Now, it also depends on how difficult it would be to code such a function into the game, which is fair. But with the rising popularity of Among Us amongst, well, us, or the world at large, it’s definitely something the developers need to consider doing for player functionality.

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