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The 'Alien' series can terrify just about anyone, but opinions differ when it comes to the 'Alien' video games. Is 'Alien: Isolation' worth buying?

Is ‘Alien: Isolation’ really good? See what Redditors about this aliens game

The Alien series can terrify just about anyone, but opinions differ when it comes to the Alien video games. Specifically, the video game Alien: Isolation which came out in 2014 was met with mixed reviews. This game takes place fifteen years after the original Alien film from 1979 directed by Ridley Scott. The story follows Ripley’s daughter who goes searching the Sevastopol Space Station for the truth behind her mother’s disappearance. 

After its original release in 2014, IGN posted a fairly seething review on the game. What followed were similar reviews declaring the game to be boring & exhaustive. However, in recent years, the game has received cult status from many gamers. Some even consider it one of the best single-player games let alone the best horror game featuring aliens. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews left by Redditors and you can decide for yourself!

The initial IGN review from 2014

IGN’s executive editor Ryan McCaffrey reviewed the game, stating “The survival-horror joy found in the campaign’s early hours is completely and permanently erased. Even when you finally – finally! – reach the end, it’s an underwhelming conclusion that doesn’t adequately pay off the 15-20 hours you just survived.”

He also added, “by the end of the 15 to 20 (!) hours I spent with the mano-y-xenomorph survival horror show, I wish I’d stopped after the first half-dozen . . . it is a great idea that, in practice, not only wears out its welcome, but drags on so long that it almost completely erases any trace of the fun I once had.”

Of course, this was met with a few contrasting reviews in the article’s comment section. One user commented, “Daily reminder that this is the worst review ever. You almost certainly helped to scupper any chance of a sequel. How can this get that abysmal score yet Aliens Vs Predators gets a 7/10?”

Another wrote, “Four years on this is still the worst gaming review I think I’ve ever seen. You’re personally responsible for the lack of a sequel. Utterly shameful games journalism. This game is a 9 to 9.5. It has weaknesses but nothing has come close to the atmosphere.”

Let’s just add these are the most polite comments we found. McCaffrey should be less concerned about aliens and more about the fans. Some commenters were not so kind . . . .

What do Redditors think of Alien: Isolation?

On Reddit, a user posted his experience playing the game which he picked up from a sales bin on impulse. He was wondering if the game would be as boring as it seemed to be from the first hour. Here are some users’ responses:

One person wrote, “Push through man, this game was easily one of the best games I ever played. You are right though, the first hour or so is real slow . . . once you get past that hump, nothing but fear and adrenaline. The relief you will experience finding save stations is unlike any other game.”

“One of the best horror games I’ve ever played, but it does take a long time to get going and drags on for much longer than it needed to,” said another user.

Yet, there were some players who agreed that although the game in its entirety is high quality, there are times when it feels like it drags on. The game being boring was one of the main complaints made in the review by IGN and also other unsatisfied fans.

A fan replied, “I find it better when you pay attention to the details in the atmosphere and lighting. It’s so easy for me to get fully immersed in the setting, and that’s my favourite part.” Another said, “It pays off, just wait, around 10 hrs in it gets a bit boring too and then it picks up until the end for a ride!”

The consensus on Reddit seems to be that although the game has its slow periods, it’s still a true Alien gem. The game has an enthralling atmosphere and is visually striking. Each detail pulls you closer and closer into the labyrinth of the Sevastopol space station where aliens lurk behind every corner. What do you think about Alien: Isolation? Let us know in the comments below! 

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