Introducing the

Film Daily Fellowship Program

Location: Remote 

Time commitment: 35 – 40 hours per week 

Is it your dream to become a content writer – or even a journalist?

Are you considering journalism school, but don’t want to be saddled with all that debt?

Would you like to study to be a better writer – but get paid while you learn?

Are you already writing professionally, but lack writing experience in entertainment?

Are you already experienced in content-writing, but want to become an editor?


Are you already an experienced print journalist looking to parlay your career into writing for the web?

We’re looking for participants to join the Film Daily Fellowship Program. We can accept participants at all fellowship levels; all levels are paid.

Film Daily Fellowship Levels

Editorial Intern

We’ll train you how to work in a busy newsroom, assisting with research and sourcing images. You’ll get valuable portfolio links and training from some of the highest performing TV content writers in the business.

Junior Writer Trainee

Junior Trainees train intensively on writing according to our lofty journalistic standards and sharp, snappy site style, as well as assisting writers & editors on an ad-hoc basis, such as article research & preparing images. Graduation is dependent on mastering article writing and image selection & format.

Writer Trainee

At this level, perfect for recent graduates, those changing careers, higher-education leavers, and grammar enthusiasts, we’ll train you on how to write pieces on trending news that leverage SEO and how to format your argument properly. You’ll also learn how to use WordPress to post articles and create engaging social media posts.

Subeditor Trainee

You’ll learn how to search trending topics, crush SEO, construct fun quizzes, and attribute sources.

Editor Trainee

Editors learn the challenging tasks of creating engaging headlines, writing terse, balanced video captions, and proofreading to a professional standard.

Senior Editor Trainee

The cream of the crop, senior editors complete their training by learning the delicate skills of comment moderation, representing the voice of the publication in newsletters, training new writers, and adjudicating writing candidates.


“If you want to work alongside a fabulous, fun, and friendly team, Film Daily is the place to be. My skills have vastly improved and I’ve been taught so much thanks to all the great hands-on experience. Working among a team of like-minded individuals has given me a better understanding of the journalism world.

Film Daily has taught me how to manage a team, create enticing content for a worldwide audience, and become a far more confident individual.”
Rianna, subeditor trainee