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What to Wear to a Pakistani Wedding?

Getting an invitation to a Pakistani Wedding is an exciting affair, and what matters most is you dress appropriately for the venue. Yes, you must rock an appropriate dress! Choosing what to wear to a wedding is an intimidating process, most especially an outfit that will make you look your best. However, there are various verbal, religious, and cultural rules you should obey to prevent undesirable attention at the ceremony.

You don’t have to worry yourself too much though, Pakistani designers are known for their gorgeous wedding dresses around the world. These simple wedding outfits portray the unique tradition and diverse cultures associated with weddings and their rites. Weddings in Pakistan consist of a series of pre-wedding events, including mehndi and valima.

A lot of questions are going through your mind, right? We are going to answer most, if not all in this article. Below is an extensive guide for putting together rightful and fashionable dresses for a Pakistani Wedding, with some cultural information you need to know. Let’s explore;

Things to know before going to a Pakistani Wedding

Here are some things you should know before banging into a Pakistani Wedding venue;

Follow the dress code

In Pakistani weddings, the dress code is always important and it’s what every guest should endeavor to keep to. This information is always provided by the couple either through the invitation card, wedding website, or another designated medium. However, getting the dress code alone is not enough, there are some cultural values you must acknowledge. And failure to adhere to them is garnering hostile attention and making a bad impression on other people.

Avoid rocking the venue in a casual outfit

Pakistani Weddings are special and usually sumptuous. The event can last a week due to the many traditions and rites that must be observed. A close relationship with the bride can earn you an invitation to the dholki or mehendi –  a night when henna patterns are drawn on the feet and hands of the bride. The henna party is usually a fun and exciting event reserved for the bride and her close pals. Gisting and laughter are what will fill the atmosphere.

The look of the ceremony hall will attest to how important Pakistani people are to take the occasion. Well-off families rent banquet halls and go all out on the decor, menu, and everything in between. With this, you already know that casual attire is unsuitable for most, if not all Pakistani weddings. Dresses like jeans and flip-flops should be avoided on this day.

Modesty is Paramount

Pakistan is a highly populated country, with roughly 200 million people inhabiting it. Meanwhile, the official religion is Islam, and according to statistics, 97% are Muslims. Thus, the citizens value Modesty in every sphere of life, especially in dressing. When pondering on what to wear to an Islamic wedding, ensure choosing an outfit that will cover your chest and the abdominal region. Likewise, your garment should be lengthier enough to cover your legs.

Moreover, your relationship with the bride can also determine your attire. If she’s your sister, you can put on something more elaborate and extravagant. Otherwise, you must style down the abundance of your attire.

Don’t outshine the bride

Under no circumstances should you try to upstage the bride.  We think This should be a universal etiquette to every wedding guest’s attire, wearing something too flashy, embellished, or elaborate should not be entertained. Why try to steal all the attention when you’re not the bride? It is wrong and a common initiative should tell you this.

This tip is mostly applicable to women and female-identifying guests who are planning on wearing something traditional. For instance, wanting to rock some lehenga(ankle-length shirts) might be too elaborate for a Guest. Apply caution when selecting what clothes you will go with.

Avoid putting on red

The bridal dress color for weddings in Western culture is white, thus every wedding guest is prohibited to slay in anything white so as not to wear something similar to that of the bride. This rule is no more valid though as people are now wearing white to the wedding. Unlike the Western world, red happens to be the traditional bridal color among Pakistani, Indian, and other South Asian women. So it’s not for the wedding guest to wash away something red. The color red connotes feminine strength, rebirth, affection, and good fortune.

If all this is adhered to, we think you’re good to go. You might also make inquiries directly from the couples or their families to know more about the dress code and how to rock it. Some families might tolerate wearing Western attire, while others will condemn you for not wearing something symbolizing their culture. In this situation, asking questions is the only way to save yourself from the mess.

Here’s an extensive list of types of comforters and designer wedding dresses you can wear to your loved one’s wedding;

Angrakha style frocks

Angrakha style frocks are usually worn on mehendi, and it’s a highly flexible form of Pakistani traditional wedding dress. This cloth is ranked among some of the Pakistani timeless dresses- it can never go obsolete. It is an incorporation of both Pakistan and Indian cultures. The two are a fashion country, thereby rocking this can never disappoint no matter the event. The key feature of an angarkha style frock contains a lengthy tassel running down the detailed needlework. Adding more elaborations or thread work entirely depends on your choice. This dress is waiting for your order at Syed Brands.

Emerald green Anarkali suit with a mint green shawl

This is a Pakistani premium women’s dress with a frock-style top that slims at the bottom. This style features an ornate plunging v-neckline, Balloon sleeves with magnificent cuffs, a fitted bodice with distinct motifs, and a detailed belt that cinched the waist. This outfit can successfully be matched with a complementary green mint shawl, which the model style looks like a scarf. To obey the Modesty rule, use the scarf to Cover your chest with the neck.

The shawl provides versatility. If the dress code is traditional, you can keep it a match and theme. However, if the dress code is influenced by Western fashion, just remove the shawl from your chest and see how you’re also going to kill it.

Peer green lehengasharara with golden details

Pairing a peer green with gold Color will form a simple yet elegant color scheme in this lovely dress. The bodice forms a v-neckline outlined by the golden, glittering trim. The pleated skirt produces dimension and continuity with the robe hanging off the shoulder.

Black linen kurta with linen Aligarh pajama

Tired of choosing an appropriate outfit to rock at a Pakistani Wedding? An all-black set of kurta and Aligarh pajamas should be a perfect getaway. This dress features a black linen knee-length kurta with a mandarin collar, asymmetric hem, and front silt. The Aligarh is a perfect match for the kurta, it thus creates an aesthetically attractive continuity. The horizontal motif on the kurta’s chest with metallic details gives texture to the outfit. This is perfect for henna – just with that your polished black shoe, and the topic circulating in the atmosphere will change.

Do you want a budget designer wedding dress? You can always get them at Syed Brands. They offer affordable, yet elegant Pakistani wedding dresses that help bridals stand out and look their most attractive self. Visit their online shop to take a look at what they have for you in store.

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