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Wear lingerie for yourself

We at Empress Mimi know what lingerie is for. 

Lingerie is one of the forms of self-expression. A fancy lingerie set on a romantic night out can make you feel stunning, a supportive sports bra makes you confident in your own skin when working out, and shapewear makes your body look and feel great during motherhood. 

From teenage years through adolescence and to adulthood, lingerie is here to help celebrate our bodies. 

We will take a look at 5 reasons why you should wear lingerie for yourself first. An extra bonus is waiting for you at the end of an article. 

Reason 1: Self-expression

The reason why women wear lingerie has nothing to do with their marital or relationship status. So, why do women wear lingerie? It is simple. Lingerie is part of individuality. 

Now, all these orthodox questions, such as “when to wear lingerie” and “who to wear lingerie for” are gone for good. 


The essence of wearing lingerie is to express love for yourself and your body. Whatever you choose, be it a lacy bra, a sexy set, or a comfortable silk robe, remember you are doing it for yourself. So, every now and then pamper yourself with something new on Empress Mimi

Praise your body 

Have you heard of the latest trend? It’s body acceptance. 

Remember when having an hour-glass shaped body was all the rage? Yes, that definitely left a mental scar. But now, times have changed and any woman can celebrate her body and not feel guilty about it. 

You too should hop on this trend because we have a hunch it is here to last. Stop wasting money on items that do not compliment your curves. Instead, play with different styles and fabrics and see what works for you. 

Here are some instructions for you that may work:

  • For an hourglass figure try corsets or garter belts. The latter is a bold choice of accessory to spice up the outfit. Also, try a stylish bustier for a modern and fresh outfit. 
  • Ladies who have rectangle-shaped bodies should also try bustiers and corsets to accentuate their curves. If you want something light, try camisoles. They give you enough bust support and are extremely comfy to wear at home, on vacation, and while running errands. Plus, you can wear this lingerie at work if comfort is a priority for you. 
  • Lovely lingerie sets, babydolls, chemises, and shapewear are wonderful options for women with apple and triangle shapes. All these feminine underwear options flatter the body type and add playfulness to the look. 

Reason 2: Self-esteem

Are you still doubting yourself and the way you look? Are you still waiting for the perfect timing to start wearing the lingerie you like and wish to? We know that the best timing is here and now to embrace your femininity.

There is no crime in feeling beautiful and confident. Moreover, you will instantly feel like a goddess when wearing the lingerie that you fancy. 

Reason 3: Fun shopping

Shopping can be therapeutic. And lingerie shopping is even better. 

When shopping for lingerie in an offline or online store try to go out of your comfort zone. Express yourself, experiment, and do not be shy. Try out new models and styles of lingerie. Even when you are just browsing for lingerie, it can bring you an array of emotions. 

Many fear that lingerie shopping can cost a penny. It is true, but there are many reasonably priced brands in the market. 

Pro-shoppers tip: watch out for sales. This way you can afford more interesting lingerie pieces and not burn a hole in your pocket. 

Reason 4: Rekindle love

Married, in a relationship, or even single women should invest in sexy lingerie. 

Sexy underwear can add more flame to your relationship with a partner. But most importantly, it will make you feel desirable. 

It is an additional chance to be a tad more adventurous with lingerie choices.

Reason 5: Health 

Another side of wearing lingerie is health. 

We wear lingerie on a daily basis. This means that the underwear is in tune with our body and physical health. 

It is highly important to wear lingerie that is well-constructed, made from quality materials and provides adequate support. Otherwise, you could easily harm or irritate your skin.

Things to watch out for:

  1. Avoid wearing tight-fitting underwear. Tight underwear can lead to restricted air circulation, and cause irritation, and even infection. If you do not want any rashes or hives, find lingerie of the proper size. 
  2. Synthetic dyes. True, we encourage women to experiment with colors and textures. Though, please, be careful with synthetic dyes and check the label before purchasing. The potential aftermath is rashes, inflamed patches, and itchy skin. 
  3. Repetitiveness. Wearing the same lingerie without giving it a wash is dangerous. A pair of clothes is always in direct contact with your skin. 

Ill-fitted and bad-quality underwear can harm your body and ruin your outfit. This will cause a rapid fall in your confidence. 

At the end of the day, invest in lingerie that can perfectly mold to your skin and makes your body feel comfortable. 

Bonus: You deserve the best

One thing you should remember: you deserve the best. Whatever you are dealing with at work, in the household, with loved ones, and going through yourself – you need to feel great. 

When you choose the lingerie for yourself you take care of yourself. Not to mention that wearing the lingerie you like can be a great mood booster. 

Final thoughts

What is lingerie after all? Lingerie is a private thing. Many women feel shy about uncovering this sensitive side of their lives. Trust us, there is no need. With our inspirational guide, you will find more reasons to talk about lingerie openly. Lingerie is not just what you put on. Lingerie is about boosting your confidence and self-esteem, expressing individuality, ensuring that your body is healthy, and feeling on top of the world. 

The perfect lingerie is waiting for you at Empress Mimi.

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