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You need to look for eyewear retainers that are not only comfortable to use but also made of sturdy material.

Use Topnotch Sunglass Straps to Keep Your Shades Safe from Falling off

You wear sunglasses to protect your eye from UV rays. Then, is it true that the darker the lens, more the protection? The answer is no. According to an article published in Cosmopolitan, always shop for shades that come with the label UV absorption to a maximum of 400 nm. Then, buying the best sunglass is one thing, but you also need to take care of them using straps.

Sunglasses get scratched, fall off, and even break. All such things happen when you wear sunglass, hung them on your shirt, keep them in your pocket or put them on the top of your head. To protect your shades from falling off, you need straps or sometimes known as eyewear retainers. 

Sunglass straps are best for fishing and other activities

If you like fishing, hiking, cycling, or other outdoor activities, you should use eyewear retainers. These activities make your shades prone to falling off leading to breakage or damage. Top-quality straps help to keep your sunglasses secured around the back of the head. It means less bouncing and the possibility of falling off and damage. 

Quality material 

You need to look for eyewear retainers that are not only comfortable to use but also made of sturdy material. It could be made of long-lasting cotton, flexible plastic or resilient neoprene. Remember that your sunglasses strap will come into contact with your ears and head when you wear your shades and even your neck when you aren’t wearing your sunglasses. Therefore, choose straps that last long and do not get damaged due to perspiration, dirt, and dust too soon. 

Neoprene is soft, stain-resistant, waterproof, and buoyant. It means if you unintentionally drop your shades in the fishing lake, the strap is still protected from water damage. Neoprene straps also fit different types of sunglass arms. So, you will get the right fit no matter what kind of sunglass you use. 

Adjustability matters

You will find sunglass straps with an adjustable bead to loosen or tighten the strap. This feature is very beneficial if you are an outdoorsy person and sometimes need a tight fit for activities such as boating or mountain biking. So, look for adjustable beads when shopping for eyewear retainers. 

The right fit

Look for eyewear straps that fit your sunglass perfectly. The size of the straps differs. Some of them are tighter when it comes to thin frames while others fit more perfectly on glasses that have thicker frames. Depending on what kind of sunglasses you use, choose the straps accordingly. An imperfect fit will not fulfill your needs, especially if you like outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, or biking. 


You also need to choose the right color of the strap that matches your dress. If you are a cool person, look for some funky colors evoking a fun style statement. Color choice is essential because the strap should match your personality. 


Look for sunglass straps that fit your eyewear, are durable, adjustable, and made of quality material. The color choice also matters. 

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