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Ladies! Choose sunglasses as per your face shape

Picking the perfect sunglasses that enhances your face shape is not an easy task. Multiple frame shapes may enhance the facial features, and there are also those options that will not. A lot has changed in the fashion industry in the last few years. The same is the case with sunglasses. Nowadays, people are looking for those options that make them attractive and appealing. Nothing to worry about, even if you find it tricky to choose. Experts are here to help you out. So how would you select the shades that are right for you? First, you must figure out whether the face shape is round, heart, square, or oval. Depending on your face contour, you can select the options listed below. You may also look in the mirror and see what makes your selfie perfect. Once you have discovered your face shape, it’s time for you to pick the sunglasses that will compliment your features.

  • Heart-shaped face

The designer sunglasses are broad and give a balanced look to the wearer. Retro squares, sports, and browlines are the best options for males with heart-shaped faces. These go well with your narrow jawline and provide a fuller impression. On the other hand, women with heart-shaped faces can go for browline, cat eyes, and retro squares. You must do your homework before going to the shop and look at different options on the Internet to know what you want.

  • Round-shaped face

Coming to the second category of individuals who have a round-shaped face. Males with this facial structure can go for Aviator Square and Retro Square. These individuals with broad cheekbones, narrow jawlines, and forehead look very good with the above-given options. On the other hand, women can go for oversized sunglasses, square shapes, and the cat eye option. The angular frames offset the roundness of your face and provide you with the best appeal.

  • Oval-faced individuals

The oval face is the one that is longer and has versatile features. You may enhance your facial quality by pulling off a square or round frame. By keeping the face proportion in mind, you may try out aviator, oversized, and retro square options. Along with this, the round sunglasses also go well with this face shape.

  • Square-shaped face

Males with square faces must go for round, browline, and aviator options. These cut across the facial features and provide a balanced appeal. If you want to soften the facial lines and get an edge over others, then aviator and browline will be the best option. On the other hand, women also have the same opportunities to soften facial features while getting shade against the sun.

Depending on your facial shape and preferences, you may go for any of these sunglass options listed above. Remember that multiple options are listed before you. Based on your budget and preferences, you may choose the one that suits you. When you purchase sunglasses, try them out and look at yourself in the mirror. It will give you the best answer.

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