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Trendy Jeans Styles for Stylish Women

A staple of every wardrobe, jeans work with every style with the exception of wedding gowns and formal suits. Matched with shirts, frocks, eastern wear (Indian or Pakistani clothes) and hoodies, we love the dynamic silhouette. As fun and convenient the style is, shopping for jeans is one of the hardest tasks on the face of the planet. Follow along to find out the best pair of jeans suited to your taste.

What to look while shopping perfect jeans

Size Range does matter
I always found it hard to believe when sellers told me that ‘this jean is one size fits all’. Well honey! It is not possible, shop from a brand that provides all the different size options. Focusing on waist measurement, buy something that hugs the bodice.

Style Options
As we will discover below, there are a myriad of jean options to choose from. Go through all the style options and pick one that suits you best.  

Price cannot be overlooked
Everyone thinks that to get the best pair of jeans, they have to splurge without care. That’s not the truth, there are amazing choices available in affordable options. So, the next time you shop for jeans, don’t ignore the price tag.

How to find the best jeans according to your body type
The answer is simple, try all the shapes! Looks like a painstaking task, but you only have to do it once. Go for something that makes you feel you and on top of everything confident. For as fashion mongers say, style is the rendition of how you carry yourself with self-assurance. There are lot of amazing brands like Sana Safinaz, Maria B and others that introduce amazing long shirts that can be worn with these stylish jeans. 

Let’s discuss some superficial jean styling tips that might help you find your perfect pair. For petite ladies, a flared high-rise pant or wide-leg jean will appear sublime. Plus size divas can rock boyfriend and mom jeans with a surprising zest. Straight-leg jeans and high-waisted pants look tailor-made for curvy gals. 

What are the best fitting women’s jean?
Again, only by trying every style can you find your ‘one true pair’ but there is a style that can be considered an all-rounder and bares fawning on many different body shapes. The winner is standard and straight-leg jeans, the minimalistic style admiringly hugs the body and also bores well with shirts, hoodies and every top imaginable.

Diverse Styles of Jeans
Thank God, the tight leg hugging, unroomy skinny jean trend is gone for good. So, what is new in the denim world? From mom jeans to flared pants to wide leg jeans, there’s a whole world of pants fashion we have yet to explore. Here’s a lowdown of all the underrated statement jean types that are back in full-swing:

High Waisted Jeans
Relive 90s suave culture with the high waisted jean, paired with long sleeved t-shirt, a perfect laid-back date night look comes to life. We have been gravitating towards the style for quite some time and are extremely glad that it is back in fashion.  

Straight leg jeans
When we asked young girls for their favorite jean pair, the straight leg pants style came out as victorious. Easy to don and dyad, the jeans have a linear shape and end above the ankle for the youthful petite vibe. Needless to say, it is also the best pair to effortlessly flaunt your heels and booties in.

Mom Jeans
Named as mom jeans as the fit is relaxing and loose at the hem. But how did this unflattering cut become a fashion statement and now no jeans collection can be complete without it? People begain recognizing the baggy jean appeal in the early 1990’s, the rickety style when matched with button down t-shirts created a look so casual and chic that it soon became the lead comfy getaway piece.

Flared Jeans
Redefine effortless aesthetic with flared boot-cut, the wide undercut makes it comfortable while the slim waist lengthens the silhouette. An overall charming number, can be donned with blazers, peplums and oversized t-shirts. 

Wide Leg Jeans
You might be wondering what is the difference between flared jeans and wide leg jeans? Flared jeans although loose at the bottom have a tight-fitting waist, whereas wide jeans possess a slouchy appearance from top to bottom. Following the pandemic, dressing up every day ceased to occur, women wanted something that is loose to the fit but attractive and hence the style has become the first choice of many, being the most comfortable jean option.

Boyfriend Jeans
These capri high-rise jeans and their bubbly appeal has made the pant a school girl essential. Modish cuffed ankles are the main highlight of boyfriend jeans, making the aesthetic equal parts voguish and equal parts relaxing.

Light colored Jeans
Invest in some soft toned jeans, unlike the opinion of many, they have a diverse matching capability. A beige pant paired with a minimal top and a trench coat constructs the ultimate fall look. The washed jean pair worn with a deep-toned top makes it even more flattering than wearing it with the standard color jean. 

Distressed Jeans
To some the style looks tacky (some meaning our mothers!) but to the one who styles it just right, distressed jeans can bring to par even the simplest of shirts and jackets. You only need one pair as they do not work as an everyday accessory but can be a great alternative on days you want a completely updated and refurbished look. 

Closing Thoughts
An everlasting modern, accessible and complimentary fashion, the denim jean will forever remain the best comfy casual pant. With these handful of options, you can create unlimited looks, on the question of how to style them? As they work with just about everything, just let the pants do the talking.

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