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The Biggest Prom Dress Trends in 2023

The prom dress trends for 2023 are a bit of a mixed-bag. This year the styles range from shimmering, to feathery, to plain – there is something for everyone. This year’s prom dresses are predicted to be almost as unique as those who wear them.

In the past there was always a certain style which dominated the “Prom Inspo Pages”. This year, however, the biggest trend is being YOU. Fashion experts say that they expect to be seeing something of everything this year. Although some looks that recently featured on the red carpets, like shimmers and flowy styles, will most likely be a popular prom dress choice, the range of outfits, colors, and textures is predicted to be completely diverse this year.

If choosing between all the different colors, textures, and patterns are making your head spin, then there are a few styles which might help you feel less overwhelmed. Some of these styles have recently featured on the red carpet, are top searched on Pinterest, and are being talked about in fashion blogs.

1.     Shimmer and Sparkle

The shimmery prom dresses have been highly popular for a while, and that is not predicted to change anytime soon. With a shimmering dress, you are destined to shine at your prom – literally. This is probably why any type of sparkle dress tends to gain popularity around prom season. Short or long, tight fit or loose, skirts or pants, the shimmer never disappoints. Celebrities who have stood out on the red carpet with their shimmer, include Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. These are but a few of the many who decided to shine on the red carpet, and each of them had their own sparkling spins to their designs.  

2.     Feathery Favorite

Hailey Bieber and Dakota Johnson are only two of many celebrities who flaunted their feathers on the red carpet during 2022. A few years ago, in 2018, Lady Gaga and Cate Blanchet also made headlines for their feathers, and it seems as though 2023 will be feathery again. Whether it be a completely feathery look, or just a touch of feathers on the sleeves, you will be sure to soar at your prom. This fun and flowy look will be sure to make a statement, and it will make you feel beautiful too!

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3.     Bold, Bright, and Beautiful

A topic of conversation for 2022 was Barbie the Movie which is coming out in 2023. With the talk of this movie, the fashion trends thereof became incorporated in our lives. Bold and bright colors were everywhere, and still is. It is therefore that many speculate that this year’s prom will bring in the brighter colors. Jenna Ortega’s bright pink look had a lot of people talking, and so will those in their bright prom dresses.

4.     The Sophisticated Stride

For those who want to move away from the sparkles, feathers, and bright colors, the sophisticated look might be what they’re looking for. This look makes use of simple silhouettes and elegant fabrics, and also tends to be some of the more comfortable dresses to wear. The simple, sophisticated, and classy looks are worn by many celebrities in many ways. These styles allow every individual to tailor it exactly to their needs. Necklines, sleeve lengths, and skirt lengths, are all highly diverse, ensuring that although the design is simple, it can be worn stunningly.

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5.     Ready with Ruffles

This design has the same effect as that of sparkles and feathers, without adding the actual sparkles and feathers. The ruffled and flared designs make the dress, and the person wearing the dress, stand out between the rest. The design is versatile, flattering, and playful. Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish have all owned the red carpets in their ruffled gowns.

So, how do you choose?

The options for prom dresses are, honestly, endless. Jovani seems to have perfected their touch once again, which will certainly delight its followers. Taking into consideration that this year is already predicted to have something of everything, there isn’t really anything which would be considered outdated. So, although the options are limitless, people can simply choose what they feel best in, and that will be their statement. 

The last thing everyone wants to think of, but usually have to think of, is the budget. So many Instagram posts of “What I order vs What I got” are making the rounds which show exactly what happens when quality is being compromised for better costs. Therefore, it is recommended that a middle-ground be found between quality and cost.

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