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Picking The Right Sunglasses for 5 Face Shapes

Sunglasses are the perfect eyewear that helps to minimize the brightness of harmful rays and protects your eyes against any destructive elements like dust or dirt. The benefits of sunglasses do not stop here, and it has a long list when sunglasses’ importance is discussed. In a world full of fashion and innovations, sunglasses have reserved their place among every man and woman. 

Today, sunglasses are available in the market in different types, shapes, sizes, colors, and shades. In addition to this, many sunglasses have features to keep UV rays away. So, while choosing yourself a perfect piece of trendy sunglasses, keep certain tips in your mind. However, we are here to fill you with certain things that you must know before selecting any sunglasses.

Sunglasses For Oval Face 

Oval faces are wider at cheekbones and are thinner at the forehead. This type of face structure is very common and is identified with narrow chins. People with oval faces enjoy wearing most kinds of sunglasses. Glasses with smooth-lined frames like butterfly glasses are most suitable for oval faces. 

If you have an oval face shape, choose sunglasses that put more stress on your strong and sharp face sides and less emphasis on the vulnerable parts. You can also buy a frame that is broad with long arm temples. You may pick frames of quadrangle, rectangular or angular molds too. But do not try the glasses that are too wide or have narrow frames with defined edges. 

Sunglasses For Round Face

Talking of round faces, we can imagine many peoples’ faces, as this type of face shape is very common. The length and width of the face are similar without any sharp angles on the chin. The hairline of such faces appears to be rounded and smooth. Thus, pointed, square, or rectangular glasses become ideal for people with round faces. 

However, to equalize the facial proportions and bring some contours on the face, cats’ eyeglasses or aviator sunglasses with dark frames and narrow bridges are the best choices. But what’s not good with round faces are round glasses themselves. Do not try wearing geometrically shaped glasses with defined edges and colored lenses that cover your eyebrows. 

Sunglasses For Square Face

Square-faced people are very rarely seen. These kinds of faces are mostly identical in length and width. The hairline is smooth but straight. So, for such faces, oversized sunglasses with colored frames are suitable. However, the round glasses will also improve the visual balance of the face and will soften the overall facial proportions. 

If you too have this type of square face, you can try out the oversized aviator frameless sunglasses with blended shades of the lense. But never try the square or rectangular framed sunglasses or even small, petite, narrow frames. 

Sunglasses For Heart Face 

Generally, heart-shaped faces are wider at the foreheads and narrow down to the chin. This face type primarily looks decent on round glasses with small winged-out frames and low set arms. These sunglasses should be slightly wide at the forehead to create an equal proportion on the face. 

Bottom heavy frames with low temples and more narrow bridges, oval-shaped frames, bright colored frames, wayfarer glasses, or even a lightweight rimless frame will look good on people with heart-shaped faces. But if you have a heart-shaped face, do not try the oversized glasses or sharply pointed glasses that cover the eyebrows, such as butterfly or teardrop glasses. 

Sunglasses For Rectangular Face

Rectangular faces are lengthy but less wide. At the chin, they are more likely to be broad and angular; the hairline is mostly straight. To make your face look wider, you can try out the large massive-looking sunglasses with transparent lenses attached to them with slender frames, matching your skin tone. Most suitable sunglasses are large-framed glasses, round aviator sunglasses, and even cat eye sunglasses. Rectangular faces look bad with narrow sunglasses with small glasses, especially bright color lenses or frames. 

Till now, you must have understood the importance of face shape while buying the right sunglasses for yourself. Therefore, you should first identify your face shape, then start looking for the eyewear. So, these are the tips that you should consider while choosing the right sunglasses for your face. 

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