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Stay Chic in Summer: A Guide to Maintaining Your White Wardrobe

Stay Chic in Summer: A Guide to Maintaining Your White Wardrobe

Not all people love to wear dark clothes. Some people really love to have all the lighter clothes. The reason behind avoiding this is the maintenance of the white clothes. In this fast-paced world, nobody has that much time to set everything in motion. The majority of people with stylish and sophisticated wardrobes typically have a lot of white clothing in their closet. A fashionable wardrobe would be lacking without a good quantity of white clothing items. As much as we all adore wearing white, there are a few drawbacks to it. For instance, white clothing items absolutely require significant maintenance. White clothes are very comfortable to wear, especially in summer, as they will not attract a large amount of heat and make you feel comfortable. 

The perfect summer color!

Just notice the difference in feeling after you wear the darker color clothes in the summer as compared to the lighter color clothes (especially white) in the summer. You can tell the difference if you give it a try right away. You need to look stylish, laid-back, and effortless during these hot, muggy months, and white is the perfect color for that. Many people try this all-white color in the summer to feel cool most of the time. These easy summer whites will let you feel calm and composed all the time. You will feel so relaxed in the summer while wearing different types of whites and enjoying the calmness all the time. Your mood will be relaxed and happy at the same time.

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Be aware of the clumsy and random stains

White is a calmer but clumsier color at the same time. The reason behind this is that we can’t sit anywhere at any time and become carefree; we have to look around at things and stay aware. You might get the most out of the stains on the white clothes if you don’t focus on them. If you don’t care about these things, then you might see some of the stains and colors look bright in the white dress. Some of the stains will never go away, even after the wash. So, it’s better to stay aware of the things that are around you and always check before you sit anywhere. It typically has subtle stains all over, and haphazard patches appear out of nowhere. Not to mention sweat stains, unkempt hems, and the unexpected appearance of the see-through effect. 

Makeup: it might be required 

This is the choice of each and every person: to apply makeup or not. But if we see white as a very subtle color and if we are planning to wear everything white, then light to dark makeup can make a change in the appearance of the person. But again, while applying makeup, give it focus; do not put the makeup things in the clothes, which are completely white in color. Before putting on your white top, ensure any makeup, especially creamy or liquid cosmetics, is set and dried. The same is true for every other cosmetic you decide to apply to your face, including BB cream, moisturizer, and other products.

Never forget to apply sunscreen and cosmetics before donning your white attire. This will prevent all makeup stains from appearing on your preferred clothes.

The light inners

Whenever we wear a white dress or outfit, there are so many people who wear dark inners below it. This is not the right way to wear white clothes, as the dark inners may be visible from outside, which does not at all look good. There are some people who like it or are okay with it. It seems considerably more opaque than translucent when you wear white inners under a white top or pair of pants. Bright colors will just reflect through your clothing, making it look garish, unless you use white inners to neutralize your white apparel, especially the lighter summer versions. 

Choose a color for your nude undergarments that is closer to your skin tone so that it will blend in and hide with your white attire. This is a golden rule that should be remembered at all times!


All other colors are very easy to see on white, so whenever we wear the light colors, when we sweat, the color is very easy to see on the cloth. This looks so bad, and we should try to prevent it. We can respect your preference for perfume, but not if you’re wearing all white. Deodorant that absorbs perspiration should always be sprayed beneath your arms when wearing a white shirt in the summer. You can spritz some after putting on your white top, sure, but always. You don’t want to spend the entire day moving around with your hands on your thighs since sweat stains are ugly.

Particularly during the summer, our underarms have a propensity to perspire a lot. When wearing colors other than white, it’s less of an issue, but when wearing white, you should use a sweat-absorbent on your underarms.

Just follow some of the tips for your benefit, and this summer, make your presence noticed. Visit Stradivarius for the best of the collection in white and explore many other fashionable things as well.


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