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Here is the latest in Spring/Summer fashion trends for 2022. From accessories to suits, discover your inner fashionista with these quirky styles!

Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Trends to Watch

Now that spring is around the corner, it’s time to start shopping for a fresh wardrobe. With temperatures getting warmer, it is time for us to – thankfully – pack up our winter coats and prepare our wardrobes for spring. Not only do we have good weather to look forward to, but we’re also going to see some fun and innovative trends (like the Louis Vuitton crossbody) over the coming months.

Read on to learn about the top spring and summer fashion trends to try this year.

spring summer 2022 fashion

Low-Slung Waists

High-rise jeans are so 2020. If you have watched the latest fashion shows, you’ll know how the top brands are showcasing low-slung waists instead of high-waisted jeans and pants. The 90s fashion trend is back with stylish pairs of low-slung jeans. Pair them with a crop top for a full 90s look!

spring summer 2022 fashion

Pleated Skirt

If there’s one thing that isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon, it’s the pleated skirt. This trend gives you plenty of freedom, with lots of colors and designs to choose from. Plain, printed, simple, monochrome, colorful – nearly everything works – so long as it is pleated!

spring summer 2022 fashion


You don’t have to save that all-white dress for your wedding day. This year’s runway models have been rocking stunning white lace dresses, making a grand entrance at Givenchy and McQueen runways this year. 

You can keep these dresses for special occasions, or embrace the style practically any time. You also get a wonderful variety when it comes to the all-white trend, from midi-skirts and jumpsuits to long white gowns, the options are almost endless!

spring summer 2022 fashion

White Suits

Suits haven’t been a big trend recently, as more and more people have filled their wardrobes with loungewear. The work-from-home trend has brought one of the biggest shifts in women’s clothing. But with people returning to the office, white suits are finding their place in fashion again. 

Whether you are attending a formal event or a casual get-together, the white suit with a cinched waist and bold shoulders bring effortless elegance. Pair a white suit with black accessories for a bold, contrasting look. These suits always look great with a pair of killer heels.

spring summer 2022 fashion

Leg Accessories

Leg accessories are usually winter trends. Few women consider dressing their legs in summer. After all, summer is all about showing off your legs. Just cover your legs in SPF, and you are good to go! However, items like thigh boots and lace leggings are set to become a big summer fashion trend in 2022.

spring summer 2022 fashion

Strappy Dresses

Strappy dresses aren’t just for the beach. Of late, many fashionistas have been spotted in cute strappy dresses at brunch or in city streets. This trend isn’t limited to dresses. It could be a top with multiple straps or a trouser with a strapped waistband or a pair of waistbands with a criss-cross design. 

Forget about the tan lines and embrace straps this summer! Whether you are going to a beach or a bachelorette party, a strappy dress will look gorgeous at basically any event.

spring summer 2022 fashion

Neon Yellow

Bright colors are back in Spring/Summer 2022! If you are a lover of beige or neutral tones, it is time to say goodbye to this dull wardrobe and embrace bright and vibrant colors this spring. Neon yellow will be the hottest tone this year. Why not go all out with a head-to-toe neon yellow and rock a maxi dress in this bright hue.

spring summer 2022 fashion

Cashmere Beret

A Cashmere Beret isn’t only for winter – this piece of headwear looks stunning in spring and summer as well. A soft-cashmere beret keeps you warm and cozy and adds a unique style element to any look. A soft and lightweight cashmere beret looks stunning paired with a floaty summer dress, and equally great with a pair of jeans or a mini-skirt.

spring summer 2022 fashion

Underwear Outerwear

Go bold this summer with the underwear outerwear trend. This is another interesting summer fashion trend that has been gaining a lot of traction lately. The look is super chic and you can pair it with an open blazer or a lightweight shirt, and you’ll be all set to make a grand entry to any event. This is an eye-catching look that offers a subtle hint of sexiness.

spring summer 2022 fashion

Bulky Bags

Don’t get us wrong – micro bags are still cool, but the bulky handbag is the big trend for Spring/Summer 2022. Big and bulky bags not only give you plenty of space to stash your stuff, but they also make a stunning and dramatic accessory. You can carry any color and size of a bulky bag. 

This trend is also great news for moms, as these bags are spacious enough to house your baby accessories, so you won’t need to haul that diaper bag around with you everywhere! Watch out for these top spring and summer fashion trends, and be sure to make them your own!

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