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Leather jackets are an icon status of cool, and few actors have been cooler than Tom Cruise. Check out Cruise's best jackets here.

5 Most Popular Leather Jackets Worn by Tom Cruise


Over the years Tom Cruise has worn some iconic leather jackets, and they are all best sellers. Today we will take a look at the 5 most popular jackets worn by Tom Cruise, and how they will work in your wardrobe and help you to develop your unique style. Many men like the zipper-style closure, and in black, what could be better than recreating a scene from Top Gun Maverick 2, to wow your girlfriend on your next weekend away?

  1. Mission Impossible 1v

How cool, a black hoody jacket in leather worn by Tom Cruise in his role as Ethan Hunt. This is handy for the wettest winter days when you have to dash into the shop for that last-minute purchase. Wherever you live, you will need one leather jacket with a hood, as they last for years.

Whatever your age, a leather jacket is the right choice. In fact, the older we become, the more important it is to dress in a classic style when we go out. In major cities where older people tend to dine out quite late at night, leather is everywhere and is a good choice for most men.

  1. Mission Impossible 111

The leather stores love Tom Cruise movies and are always ready to bring out the next leather jacket. Who could forget the Brown Suede Leather Jacket, with a band collar? Brown is the perfect color for a suede Leather Jacket, and it comes in a range of sizes and styles. In many ways this is quite a conservative look, suiting men of all ages. When you feel too hot, leave your jacket open.

  1. Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise Leather Jacket

leather jackets

One of the most iconic leather jackets worn by Tom Cruise is the motorcycle bomber leather jacket from Top Gun. The Zipper-style closure leather jacket has a metal zipper, one of the main attractions. They not only keep you warm by repelling wind and rain, but inside they have an internal viscose lining and two pockets on the waist to effectively hold your wallet and keys. 

The craftsmen made this jacket using genuine leather, and they are made unique by slight changes with each type having its own benefits. It is hard to choose just one, so you may want to order a couple. I am convinced that we can never have too many leather jackets.

In the new Top Gun Maverick movie, the patches on Maverick’s jacket no longer show Japanese and Taiwanese flags. This could be due to part Chinese sponsorship of the movie. China is fast becoming one of the world’s biggest filmmakers and could overtake the USA at the box office.

  1. Mission Impossible 11

If you ride a motorbike and want to recreate the scene from Mission Impossible 11, where Ethan Hunt is recruited to destroy dangerous chemical weapons, you will need the Black Leather Jacket. In fact, everyone should have a Black Leather Jacket in their wardrobe as they are so useful, and last for years. Black leather absorbs the heat, so you will always be warm in winter, even on a motorbike. A leather jacket is not a seasonal trend and can be worn all the year around.

  1. Mission Impossible 1

In the first Mission Impossible movie, Ethan Hunt, an American Special Agent struggles to prove his innocence by catching the real culprit of the murders he remains accused of. In the 1998 film, Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt wears a Black Lamb Skin Leather Blazer, a style that was very popular back in the mid-1990s. 

Some people still wear this style, as it has never gone out of fashion with a slightly longer length, allowing it to be worn out for dinner over casual pants or chinos on that mid-week date or movie outing. If you are new to leather jackets, this is a conservative look that most men feel comfortable wearing for many occasions.


We have taken a look at a few of the leather jackets worn by Tom Cruise in the movies. However, as you can see you don’t have to look like Tom Cruise to make the most of these jackets, as there is a leather jacket for everyone. Celebrities wearing leather jackets are able to become very popular, want to get the same leather jacket? Get custom made leather jackets from PalaLeather who provide celebrity leather jackets with special custom-made services. If you find yourself a bit overweight get one made especially for you, as age and weight are no barrier to wearing leather, and it always looks smart.

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