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A Primer on How to Kickstart Your Modelling Career

Have you grown up watching the bi-yearly London Fashion Week and religiously followed every fashion trend possible? Do you stomp upon every sidewalk like it’s your runway? Do you eagerly wait for the new Vogue publication, and does the desire to see yourself in those glossy pages fill you with excitement? Do you have the personality and confidence to become a successful model? If you have answered yes to the above questions, then this guide is for you, and it probably might help you set your foot in the glamour biz. 

Now, the modelling world may seem enchanting from the outside, but it is inevitable to know and understand all the facts and stats as an aspiring model. Modelling is not for everyone, but modelling has something for everyone who has the correct appetite which means, commitment, a positive mindset and plenty of determination. You need to know what you are good at and your specialisations, polish those skills and keep walking that path. 

Before you embark upon this journey, here are a few pointers to note on how to get into modelling in the UK, to help make this journey easier for you.

The Love For Self And The Camera

The most important things that will take you ahead and stick by your side until the end are – Your Physique and Your Camera. 

In modelling, “You” are your biggest asset. Take a look in the mirror and understand your features and physique. You must be comfortable in your skin. How can you expect the audience to appreciate you if you don’t appreciate yourself? Gone are the days when modelling was restricted to stereotypes of models having a specific height, figure and a fair skin tone. These concepts have changed, and the industry has improvised significantly. Be yourself, and it might just work wonders for you. 

The next major thing for you is your camera. You must be comfortable in front of the camera, basically photogenic. After all, the camera lens is nothing but the audience’s eyes. Practice, pose and strut and craft your skills. Know your angles and pose with flare to bring out your raw and natural essence. 

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Know Your Niche

The modelling industry is highly competitive. In order to become a professional and leading model, your approach and work must stand apart from the rest. Modelling offers various streams and opportunities for you to choose from, such as Fitness Modelling, Commercial Modelling, Body-Part Modelling, Petite and Plus Size Models, Runway Modelling. 

Once you have done ample practice in front of the camera, you must have gotten a fair judgment of what works best for you. Knowing your strengths and niche helps narrow down your modelling career path.

Build Your Portfolio

Once you are clear with the above steps, the next one is crucial – building a portfolio. You will require to hire a professional photographer to take polished shots for you and a graphic designer to create a unique portfolio. You will need two portfolios: a hard copy portfolio and an online portfolio. 

A traditional hard copy portfolio is nothing but your CV of the fashion world concisely, mentioning all the essential details about you such as name, height, weight, niche and contact information. It should also consist of your best photographs. You must carry your portfolio to all your casting interviews. 

The second one is your online portfolio or e-book. An online portfolio gains the upper hand over the traditional portfolio. It can be easily edited and saved in PDF format without printing and scraping the entire folio, unlike the hard copy ones. You can also email your e-book to agencies and directors. 

Both your portfolios must be updated from time to time, crisp yet detailed and must exude your versatility. 

Social Media Presence 

Social Media is the new way to build connections, and digital marketing is the new key to marketing your skills in the industry. As a budding model, we cannot stress enough how imperative it is to have a social media presence. If you still don’t have a profile, here are a few reasons why you need to hop on your phone and create a profile on Instagram immediately. 

A good social media profile with good followers will only be beneficial as it not only helps you find genuine casting agencies but also aid directors in scouting models. Remember to upload professional pictures on your social media as it helps in commercial brand collaborations and allows directors to check your work through varied camera angles. 

Choose The Right Agency

Once you have all the above points in check, you must begin hunting for a genuine and trusted modelling agency to launch your work. Before finalizing any agency, always research them and understand their work culture through previous or existing models. Never sign a contract unless you are clear and satisfied with all the terms and clauses. Beware of fake agencies and scams.

A specialist modelling agency in the UK always has an expert team to guide, assist and educate you in-depth about the industry. From make-up to hairstylists to photographs, each specialist will help train you. With their help, you will learn more tricks and hacks to climb the ladder to become a successful model. 

New Idol Models – The Model Support You Need

The model world is all glitz and glamour, and in such a scenario, when you are clueless about what to do next, having support is solace.

New Idol Model is a dependable and specialised model support in the UK. Being in the business for over 12 years, we understand what casting agencies and directors look for. We help hunt talent, sharpen their skills, and help models connect with agencies. We are renowned for our trusted and specialist model support services. We extend premium support and assistance until a reputed agency hires you. 

So what are you waiting for? Begin your career with us today. Call on 02036660502 or visit our website and apply via our contact form. 

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